Valuations are over $100 million six months, the Secret Secret sharing to do “social empire”

Secret Secret sharing application today announced a $25 million B round of funding. It is worth noting that the Secret has added a new feature – allows the user to import chain Facebook’s social relations. From the “master” user contact list to have billions of active users of SNS, Secret was opening its soil, ready to make the main Secret sharing vertical social platform.

as a secret sharing application, privacy protection has always been brought to the attention of the user. Secret pointed out, however, import the Facebook social networking chain is Secret the user for a long time one of the most want to add functionality. The reason is very simple, through Facebook, can let the user’s “vision” more open, to spy out to more associated with their friend (friend of a friend) privacy. Secret promises, all users of Facebook messages are anonymous hidden, even if the user open the information such as the nickname.

in addition, the Secret also added information aggregation function called “Collection”. The function of daily recommend most relevant for the user to remove, one of the best secret popularity.

the New York times, said after the recently completed a $10 million funding, Secret again won the recognition of investors. At present, this kind of formal highlight only has half a year’s application of the valuation of more than $100 million.