VC investment return list: who is the most money?

although VC dimension is less than 1% of China’s GDP, while “the national PE” after passers-by are VC/PE is dead, but you can’t deny that the best VC most will make money for our time a group of guys.

maybe even buy vegetables aunt know ya-wei wang but I don’t know who is shen, perhaps in the secondary market of the equity market analyst in a are referred to as “investment’s got talent” deification, but in front of the VC on real tall, those who return not.

what don’t talk to me about 10% annualized returns, also don’t ask what IRR10 % the following products. In the presence of VC are floating clouds. Brush in the circle of friends is in a variety of financial products, investment community to tell you the real money in the world is “low” terrible. Finish see this piece of China’s most profitable VC, you will understand, in fact, money is really a technical work.

redwood shen

redwood: poly beauty Vipshop achievement return myth Shen was electricity “godfather”

how much sequoia China for local electricity companies? Estimated shen themselves are probably can’t remember, but what is certain is sequoia investment is one of the most successful in the field of electricity. In the electricity hot in those years, institutions plundered all the electricity resources. But in the end can only several listed. Mecoxlane, including sequoia investment product will only, the optimal product (hereinafter referred to as poly (mae), etc.

shen has admitted that China’s investment should know that mix circle, looking for contacts. Sequoia for electricity investment success may be due to its familiar to electric business circle. Shen like China electric business circle in the “godfather”, looked at a group of children of their own “as” every day, but in the final analysis is your those things.

a seconds before you can see the beauty will only product and also in the “scrap”, after a second beauty they step wei will follow in the nyse bell. And Mr Wang and ms Chen the Nemesis is fine for a “sugar”, is “fool” the bee network of li jing, these their “children” are contributing to sequoia.

the investment community has examined the circles of most clear division of private data, the results showed that sequoia earn is rich in recent years. We can’t do you know what time redwood in silence after exit, but even as listed opening price returns also very scary.

take gather beauty is superior, 2011 B in the round, sequoia invested $5.85 million, which makes redwood in front of the public holds a 18.7% stake in gather beauty is superior. According to the opening price of $27.25, the optimal product market value of $3.87 billion. Sequoia holding a market capitalisation of $724 million, three years to earn 144.8 times. For those who missed gather beauty is superior of investors, this is indeed a “sad story”.

push again for two years, Vipshop is a “story” counter attack. Went public in 2012, only product and humble. Sequoia before three rounds of accumulative total invested $44.5 million, ahead of a listing has a 16.76% stake, calculate according to the price of $6.5, the book returns only 59.9% of the redwoods.

but you hold prick silk counter attack. By the time of, Vipshop share price is $185.9. Although we do not know sequoia ever sell a stake in this two years, but if not, then the sequoia can now earn $1.734 billion, compared to the $44.5 million rate of return as high as 38.96 times.

IDG dong-liang Lin

IDG: soufun 11 years brought one hundred times return Zhou Quanlin beams of the first world war “god”

from the days of chief Hugo shong, IDG invested in almost all the Chinese Internet on behalf of the enterprise, almost every time the Internet and a “phenomenon” of the company with IDG was associated. But when it comes to IDG of the highest returns on investment projects, the answer may seem a little surprising, soufun become IDG the project in China with the highest return on investment, and the other “masterpiece” company baidu to 100 times more return on investment can only come in in second.

of qing branch private tells us, persistence is a virtue. Soufun in IDG for 11 years, finally completed in 2010. Comprehensive investment of $1 million in 11 years ago got the soufun 20% stake. 11 years later, according to the listed price calculation soufun brought 108 million for IDG returns. Book return 108 times. Comprehensive so war “god”.

IDG another partner dong-liang Lin is a “hero” behind the scenes of this investment. Founded in the mo TianQuan soufun, it is through the tsinghua alumni dong-liang Lin know IDG and eventually get investment. In addition to soufun, dong-liang Lin cast including net dragon, lang new science and technology, the detection of cloud, and so on many impressive projects. Investment was the dragon eventually accomplished baidu acquisition network led by 91 wireless.

compared to the $5 million of investment, after baidu 1.9 billion acquisition of 91 wireless to return. Although there is no way to know to IDG concrete stake when mergers and acquisitions, but according to the 91 wireless before several rounds of financing and valuation calculation, IDG’s stake will not less than 10%, even by 10% computation, IDG returns as high as 38 times.

saif Asia Andrew y yan

saif Asia: scudamore 58 city seven years returns a magical website nearly 50 times

at the end of 2004, the rich team independence from softbank Asia management team, rich Asian investment fund phase ii set up competitions, $643 million. And 58 city investment fund is the fund. The fund’s investment projects include: a perfect world, leishi lighting and yi tong, etc. At that time in the rich investment (also called “softbank rich”) sheep find 58 city, east of 58 city has not been registered company.

, Yao Jinbo recalls, at that time, saif 58 city is investigated for a long time, but hesitated to make a final investment. Has not been the result of Yao Jinbo office in a morning run into saif, met Andrew y yan is eating breakfast. Andrew y yan invite Yao Jinbo ate breakfast together,, chating at the final investment decision on the day after breakfast.

of qing branch private sense tells us that saif Asia for 58 city of “love” is determined. In 2006, the first $1.5 million from saif fund provided funding for the development of 58 city early basis. In August 2007 and May 2008, saif to 58 city again capital injection of $791000 and $2.5 million. As of 58 city, owns a 22.6% stake in 58 city saif. According to the price calculation, saif for 58 city returns as high as 47.86 times.

another let rich reputation in the Asia project is a perfect world. 2006, perfect world rich Asia investment of $8 million, just a year after the perfect space-time listed, priced at $16, saif Asia market value of $400 million at the time ownership, return up to 50 times as many.

morningside venture Liu Qin

morningside venture: “legs” return ratio on millet or create history

if no accident, listed on the millet of that day of, morningside venture is likely to create a return on investment circle “myth”. We do not deny that the morningside venture capital investment also such as thunderbolt, play YY, jinshan… Such as a batch of well-known enterprises. But if of returns, only millet returns a project may be greater than the sum of several projects.

of qing told us private access database, millet currently valued at $30 billion, morningside venture capital rounds before invested $60 million, accounting for around 11%. That is to say, 60 million investment valuation is currently 3.3 billion, return have reached 55 times.

is terrible, millet valuation is growing, but the future will listed on the stock price is likely to create new high, morningside venture is entirely possible to get more than 100 times the rate of return. This story also tells us that the number is not a measure of investment success, quality is the most important thing. When you are on a “snowball” every day in the “legs”, you have become the myth of the “creator”.

DCM Mr. Lin

DCM, “magic” of the investment is not only a 58 city wei products are all like like

DCM is the rising star of VC in recent years. Although the team only five or six people, but the per capita output is the highest of VC. Countless according to the truth, of qing private tells us, DCM since established a total of 18 out of the project, each are big brand. Including 58 city, ghost shares will, dangdang, 51 job, renren, Shared, and of course the upcoming road cattle and peas.

to return, 58 city again “title”. In the 58 city in May 2010 and December of C and D in the round, DCM total investment amount of $15 million. Three years later, on October 31, 2013, 58 city successful IPO, IPO price $17, DCM book returns ratio is 12.38 times. 58 city shares have now to $51 (were), DCM book returns if no exit has reached 37.14 times.

monster shares Vipshop DCM is another on behalf of the project. DCM that year has invested $39 million, according to the price of $6.5, returns to 1.6 times. Now only can share price of $185.9, if there is no exit DCM, return can reach 45.76 times.

CDH venture wang

CDH venture: qihoo 360 era wang over 40 times returns the classic case of

although, after Mr. Wang era, CDH venture capital intensive investment, but time is short, after all, CDH venture classic case, with Mr. Wang still a sign of The Times, this is qihoo 360.

among many CDH investments, return most of qihoo 360. In 2011, qihoo 360 nyse IPO in the United States a total of 40 times oversubscribed, for the Chinese enterprises in the United States one of the most successful ipos, named qing’s “2011 China best venture capital exit case” and “2011 China’s most influential IPO case”. Wang, according to investment company qihoo 360 $2006 in 360, according to the price at the time, CDH venture has earn $200 million, returns more than 40 times.

small CDH investment big returns another classic example is that of focus media, CDH is focus media’s second round of led, in April 2004, CDH investment of $6 million, become the focus media’s early investors. At that time, CDH at $0.24 per share for focus media 9.37% stake, total 25 million class B preferred shares; In July 2005, focus media after the success of landing the nasdaq, before privatisation, partial cash out of CDH. According to the price estimate, CDH venture investment returns between 10 to 25 times.