Vc prophecy: in 2020, apple will miss the world’s Top three technology companies list

as the world’s most valuable technology company, apple, no doubt in the position in the industry. But as jobs had died, people are questioning the future of apple. Home a few days ago, the world famous venture capital, science and technology bloggers: by 2020, apple will behind Google, Facebook, no longer appear in the top three of the world’s top technology companies in the ranking list.

in the TC at conference yesterday (hunting cloud network editor jun thank you solemnly TechCrunch provides us with such a good news, we after all is not a 36 kr), Fred Wilson points out: “Google, Facebook will be the future’s top two world-class big technology companies. The third may be emerging companies, but is not apple.”

Google and Facebook’s current market valuation and stock prices are far below the apple, why the famous vc will have this prediction?

Fred Wilson think apple is a profitable company too dependent on the hardware. Future is cloud, big data as the core of the mobile Internet era, and apple in the aspects of input and performance lags far behind Google, amazon, Microsoft and Facebook.

Fred Wilson of this view has a point, but we don’t have to agree. Tall trees catch much wind, technology companies such as apple is always the question of thering is no lack of the outside world. But over the years, so an apple or rely on the perfect hardware and good ecological system to maintain the stable development. What’s more, apple in recent years are also active layout including ripped and iBecon based on cloud technology and data collection, etc.

it is worth mentioning that Twitter was Fred Wilson gave high hopes. By 2020, he said, Twitter will become the world rankings in the fourth to the seventh between big technology companies.

oh, by the way, Fred Wilson is one of the investors of Twitter.