“Vehicle collision housekeeping, Israel from nyse suction gold at $500 million

, from Israel’s “vehicle collision housekeeping – Mobileye, just completed before the nyse IPO roadshows. It is understood that the company’s initial public offering to raise funds will be not less than $500 million.

Mobileye n.v auto safety is a service provider. The safety of the vehicle equipped with Mobileye suit, can effectively reduce the risk of vehicle collision. Mounted on the vehicle front camera capturing traffic information, real-time feedback to the car’s control center, and in the form of speech and text to remind the driver.

so far, including BMW, general production of 3 million cars have adopted Mobileye products.

Mobileye financiers also is famous, Goldman sachs, fidelity and blackstone are supporters of behind it.

the Mobileye will with MBLY code log in nyse, expected issue price per share between 17 – $19. This will bring the role of $500 million to Mobileye company financing.

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