Virtual voice guide Detour, let you no longer Mired in “tourist trap”

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when I was in San Francisco’s fisherman’s wharf area famous Boudin see Andrew Bakery? Mason, I had already 20 minutes late. It’s a tourist trap (the author means, unsuspecting tourists often here because not familiar with and experience less than real attractions core characteristics), but this is the place that mason to meet, I can’t complain. I really want to see him for a few months since the result of efforts to research and development.

I found many reasons for being late, such as traffic congestion, and I don’t know the open Uber driver where to, and so on. But the real reason is I seriously underestimated the time to spend on the other side of the city. I have never been there, because I think it’s a tourist trap.

Another kind of experiential


a few minutes later, mason will pass me iPhone installed applications, I put the headphones plug in. Then we started the hike.

Detour is basically a typical San Francisco technology version of hiking, it is an iPhone app, take you through the city, to introduce you to new places and the local conditions and customs there. In the process, it will be the greatest degree to meet you, headphones audio guide attracts you to the form of a story.

with the ear gently tell of the virtual tour guide, we revel in the style of a demo. We walk in the round of seafood tourist pavilion, through a door to anchor the trawler quiet wharf. At this time, the voice of a fisherman. He tells us that the daily trade, how he got started, and the scene here in ancient times. I can even imagine the fisherman is in Radiolab or This Life telling his own story.

when he led us to watch wharf, I noticed that only the workers around in the truck loading of Marine products. No visitors.

it’s just part of the attraction. Mason told me that they want to build a walking tour of the voice guide application should not only have a wealth of information, more like a documentary based on geographic location.

my first impression of Detour is that it is really cool. But I could not help thinking, this is Andrew? The limits of mason can achieve?

Detour of

mason in with his wife after a trip to Rome, they had to create a Detour, as the application of such ideas. The couple all hate Tours, and don’t want to stare at the travel guide walking around. So they listened to the travel guide audio together. But this method is still poor. Because they have to share a pair of earplugs, often accidentally pull each other’s a earplugs. And the audio can’t catch up with the pace of their walk.

mason said: “I have been looking for travel in the APP store audio guide application.”

this is not to say that no audio travel application to sell in the shop. But they are lack of mason expect those basic characteristics — things like “position consciousness”, and exclude others interference in the crowd and synchronization of audio information ability.

and, hoping to find a different kind of mason tourism audio applications. After has been searching for fruit, he decided to create this application.

Detour is how to work?

the content of Detour is various, in order to meet its operation, needs the backing of the related technology. Detour is different from other tourism audio applications of the first aspect is that it has “consciousness” position. GPS and iBeacons technology that allows the application to pinpoint the location of the user, to ensure that they could be heard everywhere in traveling accurately describe about (i.e. real time positioning the user’s location, information of synchronization for the user agrees to tourism landscape point).

mason and his team is committed to ensuring the different users in the same team can hear audio in sync. It USES bluetooth pairing low-power wireless mobile phone, connect the people in the same network, if there is a person to stop the application, the others will be stopped.

in the background, start the program created in the matching process, making it the makers of the first to want to go to the place for tourist guide on the map, and then divided the plot, the audio recording.

at present, the Detour through internal and contracted talent to create their own content. It will cooperate with reporters and audio manufacturers, make tourism audio documentary style. The application will be released five audio on foot, are conducted in San Francisco. Mason says it hopes increased to 10 to 20 next month, even every week have a new use of Detour.

mason plans to open it to a third party manufacturers, they can in places they know to make the corresponding audio guide. Want to Detour to create not just a kind of interesting, rich information for personal walking mode, and create a story for others of new media. In that case, all will be really fun.

mason former gaopeng CEO

idea: trip is an exquisite life enjoying

at the end of the trip, when we sit down and talk about the experience, mason on the application of philosophy and why he chose to do this.

on the other hand, obviously such application is in the visitors have visited the place to look for new discoveries, give them a whole new experience. But more important is mason foresaw greater opportunities, helping local residents to dig more about it something of the history of the city.

he mentioned a specific travel guide in Chicago. It every year in the company posted a few times, each time all sold out. “It’s very popular.” He said, “and not tourists to buy the travel guide application, but the local people to buy.”

mason says, the real goal is to make the world more interesting, perhaps this is characteristic of the application so ferocious behind the corollary: once you start walking, you should not look at your mobile phone. The narrator will take you to tour around. You can according to their own speed, but don’t have to read maps for thinking about where to go next, or press a button to make the travel guide to the next section.

“I hope we can find a way… Make life no longer rough, but more detailed. We want people to celebrate.” Mason said. Fused technology and geographical background, let people enjoy better around the world, the idea is too idealistic, but it is the core of Detour mission.

if mason can let I wandered around the fisherman’s wharf one hour feel very enjoy them again at the same time, he may be really successful.