Wanda electricity development, wang jianlin was seeking external electric business enterprise participation

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since wanda commercial project to operation, this is wang jianlin was viewed as the most important business to the outside world the impression is always stay on the slow progress, executive change continuously, the product small stage, but at the moment, is to also must make the time to change again.

recently, wanda group chairman wang jianlin, work conference in half of the full report to light, he spoke of how wanda electricity future development, wanda public company and wanda financial group.

you can see from the article, he of wanda electricity current development is not satisfactory. Exist positioning vague, thought liberation, not alone the whole group within individual system make electricity scattered resources and other issues. Electricity wanda in the near future, the original COO Ma Haiping resigned, the original luxury goods electricity market network dong policy will determine the COO as wanda electrical business CEO, vice President of the former gaopeng happiness.to as COO, former American new eggs between the Los Angeles area CIO Cao Dajun as CTO, at this point, wanda electrical business executive layer to adjust the rest.

as soon as possible in order to motivate the electric business to make achievements, wang jianlin request all the online resources to the electricity company, the wanda electricity as soon as possible to the market, and plans to find profit model in the next three years.

another important decision was that he decided to joint the China’s largest home appliance ShangChengLi wanda electrical contractor, let them come in, the first phase investment of 5 billion yuan. This means that wanda will fully referring to the operation experience of mature e-commerce sites, and goods in resources, such as warehousing logistics and open system, so as to reduce their cost of trial and error.

below is the relevant part of the content of the report:

to develop electricity

1, all the online resources to the electricity company. This is not a requirement, but the discipline, the future does not allow separate systems to make electricity, resources should be focused, all online resources unified to the electricity company. Seven, eight years ago, the group can send a file, do not allow the system to bank co-branded card, now see a basic rule. Why do you do? I want to at that time, such as wanda enough, or we invested in a bank, you can and our unified card by the bank. I give a bit of requirements, the electricity company will now consider innovation is a more convenient, more quickly, more useful “all-in-one-card”. What is useful, is more good than use another card, this card consumption in the wanda plaza, hotels, resorts, can general purchase, consumption and discount, integral, lottery, value-added services, etc., this in itself is a big piece of business. Nearly 200 home in a few years, wanda wanda square, more than 100 hotels, with 8 to 10 for the opening of holiday resort, billions of people each year, passenger flow of these consumers are our customer, can send billions of card, this is a great resource and advantage.

2, see the physical image of the wanda electrical contractor. To the wanda electricity as soon as possible to the market, to let everybody see wanda physical image of the electricity. Said taobao now, everybody knows is to sell things online, said knew WeChat tencent, baidu is the search, wanda electrical contractor in one or two years or so, let us say wanda electricity, immediately think of is the real O2O. Wanda electronic commerce mode of physical image to display as soon as possible, to answer wanda what electricity is.

3, find the profit model. Wanda do anything and ultimately to the pursuit of profit, not light to the reputation and face look good. Electricity if ten years eight years are not profitable, the wanda might not do. Although some people say that losses can still listed, like facebook loss is also listed, but it is a special case, wanda electrical business must be profitable. We have decided that will unite China’s largest home appliance ShangChengLi wanda electrical company, they come in, the first phase investment of 5 billion yuan. Now, have a plenty of enterprises are willing to invest, in addition to determine that a few companies, there are many companies line up, willing to pay a share, but we decided to make wanda electrical contractor to do first.

wanda electricity core work is to use three years time find profit model, even without profit, also want to let me see earnings direction. Thousands of offline people spending this year will break through 1.5 billion person-time, mathematical model, by 2020, consumers will have more than 5 billion person-time, wanda offline if 12 times per person per year in wanda consumption, is more than 400 million people. In 2020 China’s urban population as calculated at 800 million, means that half of China’s urban population is wanda consumers. How such a large consumer groups into profit, this is wanda electrical contractor to think seriously about.

4, let the electricity business development. From me to the President to the vice President in charge of, you must not use wanda pipe electricity traditional management thinking, can’t use the real estate developer who is thinking to think about electric, for electricity, innovation, decision-making, financial autonomy, the management system set up as soon as possible after the meeting. But to let go doesn’t mean indulge, but also the powerful supervision. Electricity to be objective, including annual target, half a year, group according to the assessment of target, if one or two finish the goal, to adjust the thinking way; Finish in a row, people can be adjusted, wanda career never and others. Speak a electricity I spend such a long time, and last year’s convention requires that all executives must have the Internet, electricity, it can be seen that wanda electricity period to stay for me. By 2020, wanda to form real estate, culture, tourism, finance, retail, electricity five business sectors. Now, wanda real estate this year could become the world’s largest, it politely say that is one of the largest, next year is undoubtedly the world’s largest; Cultural tourism can achieve world-class soon; Wanda financial can do it good; Wanda retail is not only the state department, through mergers and acquisitions integration does not exclude the do in the future. First four basic plate, the electricity now, ready, wanda is five pillar industries.

registered financial group

wanda had long been involved in the financial plan, set up financial group is wanda realize the requirements of the new transformation, wanda is to build a new pillar industry and new profit growth point.

1, the establishment of financial holding company. Wanda plans this year was registered in the third quarter financial group, the wanda all holding, equity participation and financial investment shall be the responsibility of the financial holding company. Wanda incorporated a level of billions of investment company, is to declare to set up a financial company registered capital of 30 billion, wanda also plans to invest in other financial industries. Step by step, starting in the second half of this year, wanda will expand the financial business, to invest in multiple financial industry. Last year, to do it well, start wanda was carried out in a planned way the money ready.

2, to find the right talent. Do the financial industry, and other industries, must find the right talent. Wanda do transformation from the residential real estate, commercial real estate is beginning to, people found, things to do well; Later transformation for cultural tourism, but also for someone to first. Wanda is engaged in the financial industry, now the most important still is to, not only to find people, but also to find the right person. This is I always say a word, “is everything, who is the cause of”. Can do a good job in the financial industry, the key is not approval, not money, but the talented person. As long as there is suitable talents, have enough funds, both at home and abroad, there is an opportunity, opportunity is bigger than domestic and abroad. Wanda is contact some foreign financial institutions, 1 to 2 years, wanda in overseas financial industry will have big action.

actively promote public company

1, promoting major listed companies. Wanda now has two listed companies in overseas, but are not wanda’s main company, this year’s goal is to strive to push 1 to 2 major listed companies. Why all of listed? As some analysis, the article said listed for wanda such assets, more than 100 are under construction in wanda plaza 500 billion enterprise, raise the cash up the leading role. We listed mainly consider wanda built in one hundred, how to become a transparent company? How to strengthen the regulation? How to make the company more secure? Wanda public goals, the first to let everybody see wanda transparent, we are a what kind of companies. Second let everybody see wanda good, through our financial model, income, cost, can see clearly. More important is to let see wanda growth capital markets, wanda basic are high growth industries.

2, set up internal organization. To achieve listing target, ensure consistent action, group decided to set up special organizations within the enterprise, butyl tin as group leader, Wang Guiya deputy team leader, qi, Zhang Lin for team members, which involves the department, which department will go all out, not shuffle, not trouble.