Wang anecdotes: with his namesake, jobs for staff name on the spot

anecdotes about Steve. Such a set of “angels and demons” in one of the giants of science and technology, many people love to hate. Recently, the former apple Safiri browser development director Francisco Tolmasky recall my days get along with Steve jobs at apple. Which he mentioned a let a person in distress situation.

when 20-year-old Francisco Tolmasky targeted by apple, officially joined the apple after graduation, is responsible for the development of the apple mobile browser. The talented young engineers, initially did not get jobs. Every time he took his own design case showed jobs, jobs said to him: “I need to have the magic products. Magic, magic, is magic. Your garbage products clearly no magic.”

jobs is notoriously arbitrary. In a group discussion meeting, jobs and the smell of a designer is also known as “Steve” (Steve, the family name is Steve really). In this way, we call this man, just may be mistaken for is called Steve jobs. Jobs may be because are not satisfied with the product design at the time, she turned her head and said to the named “Steve”, “hey, guess what, from now on you no longer called ‘Steve. You called ‘Margaret instead.” Suddenly, the whole room is quiet. Since then, however, a bad designer, in apple has never been called Steve, everyone calls him to Margaret.

Tolmasky also pointed out that the era of Steve jobs of apple, is composed of multiple similar to a small entrepreneurial team. Behind each product at most only 3-5 members of the team is mainly responsible for development, and each project head, has made its concept and characteristics of the deep integration in their products. Unfortunately, Tolmasky left apple in 2007. Because he thinks that as the iPhone is more and more successful, instead of limiting the continued its entrepreneurial atmosphere.