Want to reverse the trend towards a former Microsoft engineer reengineering “blog social” era

two former Microsoft engineer Robert Mao and Haitao Li has launched a social network application, designed to let people in the mobile era will through pictures and video for long.

Robert Mao worked in Microsoft research for five years. He said, in order to create Pixotale, both of them must be basically “forget” in all Microsoft learned ability. As one of the core of the IE team engineers, Haitao Li worked for ten years, connected with Microsoft, witnessed the brilliant history of the IE beat Netscape and other competitors.

after leaving Microsoft, wanted to explore mobile world, and in October last year launched a new company, called Pixomobile to apple’s App Store.

since then, they introduced six around photos and video and the development of practical application. Levitagram’s most popular, because it allows users to edit photos, make photos look like floating in the air — this camera trend is very popular in Japan and Indonesia and other countries, but now all over the world. Pixomobile all application users added up to more than 150, including Levitagram users reached 500000, indicating the popularity.

Levitagram paid version to create income provides capital for the development of Pixotale safeguard. Pixotale can not only is a practical application, it is also the company’s first attempt to build a social network applications.

Robert Mao explained that the current social network makes it easier to establish a link between, but then if you want to deepen our relationship is difficult. As one of the first blog in China hand, he remembered that era, at the time the user on their site to tell their stories, and communities around the comment section and link component. Robert Mao thinks, this kind of thing has disappeared in the era of social media. As the Pixotale launch, their overall goal is to connect people through the story of this kind of experience. Once the other users praise or comments you published stories, you will be reminded.

Pixotale also allows users to more easily released length longer content on mobile phones. At the same time, the interface is very simple, are free to add text, photos, maps, video, and audio etc. The user can click on the screen to add some elements article, adjust the page layout before publication, or in offline, save until later published. Final paper will be concise and language legg mason, users can share it with other social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp. Users also can view the content on the web end.

Pixotale although simple and practical, but it is not to provide the image edit control function. So users still need according to Pixotale before the release of the way for photo editing, filter box of other processing.

the current goal is to expand Pixotale Pixomobile company user base, and then search for other commercial means. But the team hope finally can upgrade sales application, help users in the future to further improve the content of the story.

users can download it for free in iTunes Pixotale.