Web server with firefox

I read in logadmin that through an extension of firefox,
POW we can run a web server within our Firefox browser, using javascript on the server to display the dynamic content.
Once you install this extension, the server automatically starts at port 6670 without the need for any configuration. You can access its content by default with http: // localhost: 6670 there is a link on the page that points to your root document. This folder is inside your Firefox profile.

With this plugin you can even create uses of DB with the support of sqlite Firefox, and also has a feature called infinilink that is like the dynamic dns, with which anyone will be able to find your server even when your ISP changes your IP adress.

A curious extension of firefox with which we can test a large number of applications, code, or simply to distribute files from your web server.

Well, I found it very interesting, now I hope to have a little space to try it since in certain networks it can be something very interesting to be able to share files in a comfortable and fast way (better if it had been FTP).

Do not laugh that is worse

Do you remember that program? Well now the English have taken a similar one, it is about making a man laugh (impassive), whoever gets it will receive a prize.

Here I leave you the one that has done me the most grace, although it looks a bit bad, it is worth the end.

Party in the multipurpose 2007

Compilation of the last parties we have had.

First the White Label party that we had in the multipurpose of Salamanca 🙂 without a doubt a fantastic party, to me it is that that of which they put me sofas … it throws me a lot, a lot .. and we even saw Fran Rivera !! what aunt, the aunts like flies behind him .. a little sad ..

A little picture of when we returned home, Daniel with the car standing in the middle of the avenue of cypresses and dancing on the road.

The exams are over

Finally, the long-awaited day arrived! the exams are over, the balance .. well .. let’s wait for the notes to come out but in general “I think” that’s fine.

To celebrate we bought a couple of bottles of cider and some more alcohol xD and we went to Carlos’s house.

Here you can see some photos from last night, I have also included some from other days.

Mame ended up fucked (we lost her sight when she ran away), David .. as always (when you think you see me, I cross the wall, I CHASS and I appear next to you)

Visual effects in firefox

I am happy to check that the access to my page is much higher with firefox (69%) than with any other browser (the explorer 25%).

It’s nice to see how people are going to a good browser, but still the vagrancy of using the one that is already installed, throws a lot.

To give another reason for the use of firefox, I wanted to comment on this addon that I have found, with it you can create effects in the XGL style of linux by changing the tab, I leave a video for you to see.

I suppose that if firefox itself consumes resources, this addon will not contribute to improve it, but you can always use some tricks to improve the performance of your firefox.