WeChat advertising system will be officially launched, main 2:8 and flow into

(word/qing nan)

since the Spring Festival, tencent in part through wide click-through WeChat public platform account closed advertising system, after six months of testing, the system will be officially open to the public.

a WeChat today circulated online advertising system, private documents show tencent’s WeChat traffic main (public account operators) fans, divided into, and the method of payment is presented. Among them, the public accounts to participate in advertising promotion plan need to fan quantity more than 500 people, covering the enterprise and individual account, but not approved temporarily does not support open government and media flow main function.

at present, WeChat provide advertising form of text links, display position is in graphic message full text at the bottom of the page. Promotion page is a graphic page number + promotion public banner. At the same time, in the public account management background “promoted” section has been added, but the main view and query the advertisers and discharge, the relevant data of performance, such as reporting, traffic management and financial management, and other functions.

when users click on the corresponding advertising text chain, flow can be divided into from the Lord. , according to documents before the 15th of each month, the settlement for traffic main advertising revenue last month. If is the enterprise user, you need to provide with an equal to the settlement of the VAT invoice. If an individual user, you do not need to post invoice, tencent company will withhold income tax.

if the individual account of each income does not exceed 4000, public WeChat official fee will be deducted from the norm 800 yuan, each income in 4000 yuan of above, the fixed deduction of 20% of the cost, that means tencent and flow into the proportion of 2:8 Lord. Each taxable income of more than 20000 remuneration, will also realize the bonus tax, such as between 2-50000, fifty percent were imposed on calculating the taxable income amount, more than 50000, imposing a one thousand one hundred percent.