What is a good product manager

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on the Internet there is a pernicious deeply: everyone is the product manager. Elegant this sentence meaning, should be to remind the product manager to collect users’ opinions and feedback, to quickly improve their products. At the same time, emphasis on good products, not only the responsibility of the product manager, the user should also be involved in this process. However, all of the words is words, often because they can be the misunderstanding and misuse of maximum.

try to compare this sentence: existence is reasonable – Hegel .

now that “everyone is the product manager”, so everyone knew something about the product. Many people in the face of any product can point fingers, put forward a series of improvement and improve opinion, that sounds quite reasonable, so people praise such products “feel”. The principal fallacy is produced from here – a feeling of products and product ability between across the miles.

what is the product manager? Would you please have a look at today’s pictured above. This photo was taken in 1901, the content is the Wright brothers flew their manufacturing of aircraft, a man named Octave Chanute to visit them, by the way, took this photo. 113 years later, the old black and white photo can still be very clear what is product manager.

before the Wright brothers, no one can put is heavier than air driven on human, continue to stay in the air, and completely controlled. And, before the Wright brothers’ successful flight in 1903, no one knows to fly need to design a kind of thing, how this thing works. The Wright brothers make it from scratch, human beings rely on their own creation, relying on its own strength, drive the aircraft flew. This is a product manager should do the work.

with the product feel what people will do? They will take the Wright brothers’ plane, points out that the color of the wing is wrong, uncomfortable chair Angle, recommend replacing lighter materials, at the same time for the pilot with safe protection device. These claims may be right, really adopted some of these may make the original rough aircraft aloft between some extend, can even save the life of the test pilot test are failing. However, the value of these claims is about: zero.

as for plane this unprecedented products, can do it, and to fly, is the most important thing. Can fly up, control and security falls again, this is a complete product closed loop. Compared to this one closed loop, and the rest is all the details. No splendid, and where to add you spend it?

why people praise the jobs? Because before the iPod, not human fingertip can easily manipulate a simple music. Before the iPhone, interactions between people and the mobile phone didn’t have so intuitive smooth feeling, also not understand exactly what is the relationship between man and mobile phone interface. I today still a generation of iPhone, from time to time out to play. Can you pick out on the generation of the iphone numerous problems and shortcomings, hundreds of optimization Suggestions. But, so what? Jobs, rather than you, and made such things from scratch. Even today to see the iPhone generation, even if it has so many questions, you can still feel it stirred the imagination of you, let you see the more distant future and endless possibilities.

this is a great product manager to do.

my WeChat mentioned yesterday “shaft”. My good friend virushuo read thought that was a joke, but, when he saw in the circle of friends sister forward in this article, and sincere praise, this product is good throughout his whole being.

as long as the think about it: with a stick, put the phone fixed in one end, and take up sticks in each big scenic spot, this is what a strange and funny thing. Such products, but also how brain rot and odd inventions. Virushuo wife west Joe in the subsequent discussion, hit the nail on the head in one sentence to explain the rationality of the product: I spent precious annual leave, spent a lot of money, very easy distance ran out to play once, why should I be handed the phone to strangers, let him shoot a I was silly force? Why I can’t control myself, take pics Po to the social networks?

this is an example of what is a good product manager. He knows users love autodyne, he knows how to use products to help users to improving the quality of amateur, he is more have the courage to make a stick for the girls to use. Most importantly, he understand the user’s psychology. In making good self-portraits satisfied with pleasure, and holding a stick between the odd, users have the courage to overcome the back a bit, to accept this product.

a feeling of product of people will only take the stick said: well, if only scalable, easy to carry. Or: well, the bayonet should be adjustable, so the iPhone and android mobile phone can use. These features are now, but, this is not important at all. To have great significance to the stick, stick very not good with, beauty is not beautiful, is considered inferior. Products because of the so-called feel people can never make the stick, and have the courage of the girls said: come, get me the stick to use!

HMM… Seems this sentence some salty wet?

so, judging whether a person is a good product manager, from the rhetoric is very simple. Good product managers will say: well, let’s do a thing, it can help users solve the problem of a XX. While a bad product manager would say: ha! This thing is too bad, I found one hundred optimization point! Come up with one hundred new features! Promoted one thousand user experience!

yes, you picked out all the wrong character in the novel and pragmatically, but you are not a good writer.