What is an apple and mysterious iBeacon technology?

recently, us federal communications commission (FCC) released the apple design iBeacon equipment independently. Images show that the equipment for round hub at the bottom of the equipment, equipped with a USB interface, and special switch.
Mention Apple products, iPhone, tablet, iPod these familiar products don’t have to dwell on, even if like Apple TV, Carplay products, you can also be heard. But for iBeacon, probably know very little about. Just follow tencent don’t try so hard, the science and technology to the mysteries of the iBeacon together.

what is iBeacon?
WWDC 2013 conference, apple iBeacon technology. This technology allows the developer to develop to be able to use iBeacon hardware sensors iOS apps, to provide the corresponding application more precise location information. WWDC conference in 2014, apple said, for iBeacon technology improved, with the aid of the technology, the application is now able to track the precise location information to the user’s floor.
IBeacon services with application in Apple Store. If you have been on the phone to download iBeacon, and permit it to track for you, it will try to provide you with suitable for your demand of retail experience.
At present, apple has use iBeacon in its retail stores, in order to provide customers with information about products and services such as near; Wal-mart and other large retail chains are tested with the technology.
What are the purposes iBeacon?
You can imagine the scene:
When you walk into the wal-mart supermarket shopping list in your cell phone will be automatically converted into a personalized map, and recommend the most worth buying goods for you; When you are standing at the gate of a concert ticket machine, take out your mobile phone can be a key to complete the purchase tickets; Local through a local bar, you can be done under the condition of without having to use cash to pay, or even give a tip… These are iBeacon.
What are the role iBeacon for apple?
1, challenge Google (weibo) map
At present, apple has decided that the distribution of the use of indoor place shopping malls supermarkets iBeacon equipment, to map the indoor.
From the perspective of mapping, iBeacon equipment will send out the information for the distribution, structure, and the user’s iPhone, will become the map information gathering. Apple will put vast amounts of information integration, thus for indoor map information. In addition, on the premise of merchants to provide a rough map, apple can also use iBeacon, on the map to evaluate the accuracy of the validation.
But apple is facing a huge challenge, because Google is to be the leader of the indoor maps. As early as in 2011, Google map of indoor is released. Covering the buildings including shopping malls supermarkets, airports, stations, buildings.
In the past few years, Google improving indoor maps, in March this year, Google announced that even to launch India 22 cities indoor maps, incredible is that Google can even inform users of the floor elevator, upward or downward.
Google maps indoor part drawing, relies on the WiFi and mobile communication base stations and other information, if apple rely on a large number of iBeacon equipment and users of the iPhone map, accuracy may be more than Google.
2, layout, intelligent household
Apple to the submission of the FCC says this is the first apple to the upcoming release of intelligent household equipment. At present, the apple is actively developing intelligent hardware, the hardware will work with apple HomeKit integration of smart home technology.
HomeKit allows the device, such as the iPhone and iPod touch iOS devices connected to the household electrical appliances, such as central air conditioning, garage doors and door lock, etc. IBeacon sensors can help apple users use HomeKit technology better, because it can provide intelligent household device users more accurate location information.