WhatsApp “active” users exceeds 500 million, increased by 50 million for two months

since bought by Facebook announced in February, mobile IM application WhatsApp added 50 million users for nearly two months. At present the total number of users, already broke through 500 million. It is worth noting that WhatsApp officials say the 500 million is “often use WhatsApp monthly active users.

“active users” and “registered users”, etc. There is a big difference. Although companies on the definition of the index is slightly different, but the number of active users is undoubtedly the most can represent an application of heat user scale and the interaction with the user. Don’t say that for a mobile IM applications, even for tencent this kind of social network, 500 million “active users” is definitely not a small number.

after the Line announced he currently has 400 million registered users, but refuses to reveal the number of active users. According to tencent’s earnings in the fourth quarter of 2013, according to Q4 micro letter monthly active users last year was 355 million, Q3 degrees micro letter monthly active users last year was 336 million. So, WeChat on active users growth seems to be behind the WhatsApp. Even so, analysts say the growth of this number, “thanks to” tencent previously to a great extent on the micro letter “definition” of the concept of active users.

of course, Mr Ma doesn’t have to worry too much, because WhatsApp want “sweeping” China is unlikely. The WhatsApp 50 million new users are mainly concentrated in India, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, etc.

WhatsApp also announced that the current user through their daily total transfer photos and video by the application of 700 million and 100 million respectively. However, founder of the WhatsApp Jan Koum has kept a consistent low key: “WhatsApp has just started.”