Wheel, tools to the community, 4.0 only half away

20 minutes for an angel, who also won A round. Easy point of space and time the Shanghai team quickly into the media.

when the founder out brand platform is very important. Popular point is to brush a face. Wu used to laugh to yourself in the circle game do, afraid of your big mouth will often appear “advantages”, instead of the platform is not good for its own brand. But they are reinstated.

wu feng used to be a long, general manager of network, long and 360 after the cooperation, you don’t like big companies that kind of atmosphere, decided to out of business. Co-founder GuanYong in tencent YY market sales, before the two type of transboundary people together, and do not familiar with the auto sector.

bare feet are not afraid of the shoes. Wu feng, to really say what products in the future to make it, we actually don’t know myself, even up to now, we don’t know, but the direction is had, doing community platform .

seems to mention platform, and are sniffy, thinking of a small company do platform absolutely insane . Wu said it is, at first they also want to do. They just for a smart, not to speak out this word. According to the usual way should be to do a single point of breakthrough, trapping the user again.

it, easy point of time and space and other startup companies are different. Conclude their wheels check illegal, wheel driving test, wheel to find a parking spot, where to buy a car, car books, guess the wheel car, etc. pay attention to a single point of breakthrough, but they made a series of products. Football is different in that they make every product to a single point of breakthrough , then after each have user, string together, unified cornucopia. Such transformation platform is logical.

are all afraid of thought is just concept, easy to point to play good, they didn’t go to take a concept into the investment, but solid made a try the product to the market. With the user, to talk about funding. Naturally, this the concept of partial future platform is easy to speak.

about in the middle, wu feng, the current product line, they only push three products, peccancy vehicles, vehicle driver’s license, wheel community. A user is a total break through 80 million. about the growth of the product details, wu feng opened the chatterboxes .

actually it’s not a legend or burst. Suddenly grow up is bullshit. They just do a little bit more than peers. But this is a qualitative change. where is the qualitative change. Do vehicles illegally check at the beginning, they research found that the user’s pain points a, query of illegal data is not enough. Generally sixty percent, this point and the breakthrough, they will do in technical innovation, and 300 bureau data matching, complete in eighty-five percent accuracy. This emphasis, user experience, word of mouth come naturally. In fact, this point and breakthrough space, query data can be more accurate. Wu said, team stepped in to their efforts. The new check illegal cool version, real-time and cooperation bureau data docking, strive for the fastest the most authoritative.

in addition to this, the it is more important to know how open , so long as has the target user platform, easy to docking point of the product. Business cooperation, with free technical interface to Scott, baidu map, easy car, the Pacific automotive network company in automobile industry etc. This recruit a great help to flow. But the biggest premise is: to provide free technology must be enough.

tools can be converted into cash, but there is no platform on the imagination without it this concept to the space is large. So the tool in the user, grafting community wheel products also have to do. Turn a circle or on the back to the community.

wheel positioning is: Chinese owners the most fun handheld community, is different from other, product positioning in the fun , wu games, wheel gives more games. Come on in, guess the car, playing games get experience value, but the most important thing wu also know that is the tool to turn gene community can develop smoothly. The early stage of the strategy is: let the product, do not do big push, the user to go a few people left. Wu feng said users appreciate those who remain, they are the product is the real love, sometimes than team also try so hard, urging them to redesign, wu they counted: wheel in the community of users mostly don’t play weibo . Mobile terminal is the main battlefield, at the same time, the car’s home in the PC users atmosphere is well worth the wheel reference.

at present, the real wheel or 2.0 version. From wu to version 4.0, there is a distance, the from a technology firms to + + + products operating company, a long way to go before.

postscript: midway asked 4.0 is a what state, wu made an explanation: trying to run up a car community, car, offline hairdressing, washing the car, insurance can be moved up. Even the future third-party query have than vehicle illegal check do good, will be introduced and even can cut off their products. But, after all, all have to operate, operating the word is easier said than done. He is talking about, not to play virtual, we understand that only the steadfast to do first, best the most stupid way of practice.


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