Which way will intelligent router? The two direction may be applied

hunting cloud network on April 25,


how to make the user feel are worth intelligent router? Intelligent router how to make the user think it is a necessity, or mean can’t feel his premium?

Intelligent router

if you want to form, by enthusiasts users gradually transition to the high-end users of small user base is not enough, the future is bound to form.

to popularize two problems must be considered from the beginning.

technology one step ahead, the commercial market opportunity

the first step in the development of smart routers, technology fans certainly without a doubt, the crowds, enthusiasts following extension only high-end crowd.

said that the market is small, in fact also several companies moist enough to live. But painstakingly done so many technology, is just a small niche market their plaything, is indeed a thought to he the heart of the subversion of the manufacturer.

would tear, the first step, of course, must let most people can use. Want to make most of them are available, also only like wifi in public and commercial areas.

for example: shopping malls, stores can be equipped with intelligent router as equipped with wi-fi hotspots, user shopping intelligent routing can directly access the businessman, at no cost flow, high-speed access to shop carefully screening recommended video, games, and advertising. Girls don’t have to worry about men don’t want to bag!

the public and commercial routers will be a great development direction of intelligent routing. Along with the advancement of future wifi smooth transition technology, various intelligent between routers in tandem, partly replace mobile network.

but may be larger, new technology, 5 g each smart routers become part of the operator network, operators and consumers can also reduce the cost of communication. When implementing these? Look at technology development!

complements PC sales, roll out the optimal solution

the biggest characteristic of intelligent router is belonged to the PC hard disk storage capability, independent pick the network share. It’s basically copy apple TimeCapsule with MacBook products combination plan.

since domestic manufacturers also to the hard drive smart routers, determined to big push, push, so in order to let the user does not think cut meat, and also have to make up for back from other place, let the user feel value, to further expand the market. The PC is just natural complementary products.

at present while PC products market is declining, but the inherent office users, Microsoft’s new system, or a strong market, intelligent routing market at present clearly and far!

like apple, to split the PC hard drive into the intelligent routing, then the integration of a PC price, combined, will develop a larger market.

now we old hunting zhai also thought of the two kinds of market direction, when but also has a lot of people think of the router and TV box, speakers and so on together, to extend the intelligent routing market. But in technology and the market or will be more small, more conducive to development in technology accumulation phase.

readers, what do you think what?

How difficult is it to

smart routers forward development, technology, market and any time to grasp is not good, are difficult to come down. Hope that domestic firms to gain a breakthrough in this field.