Why a good mobile tools application must develop PC client?

Sunrise, the company, just, Wunderlist and Mailbox of these applications are my personal efficiency tools of daily use. No desktop client, although these software is useful, but the lack of flexibility. But with the popularity of more equipment using, they have become more and more difficult to be replaced.

is not the only one I hope these efficiency can application from the web and mobile phones to smartphones, tablets and I even is closely connected to the desktop software on the user. This is also make the software developers to think about whether their distribution strategy needs to the importance of the desktop.

network – & gt; Mobile phone – & gt; Desktop

for many users, they may never be out of the desktop software efficiency. Any use Microsoft Exchange software to send and receive mail or check the calendar, anyone who use Microsoft Word to Word processing, can tell you, these applications are ubiquitous in many companies.

however, the user first find it as a favorite method of application has changed. We can see, before installing the desktop users are gradually tend to be first to try out on their mobile devices. It is interesting to note that these new desktop applications will benefit from the rise of personal and corporate efficiency tools as the infrastructure of the rise of cloud services.

in the past few years, the popularity of Google application service in the enterprise means that many users become dependent on these applications. These applications are binding for Gmail to communicate with others in a web browser, for document creation and communication of Google Docs/Drive, Google Calendar for planning. It is worth noting that the openness of these services also led to some offer more features than the browser and the flexibility of software development.

Greylock partners Josh Elman wrote in an E-mail: “I think we back to a more users and developers expect the application rather than the browser tabs to perform the task of the application time. The development of iOS application developers are now more inclined to develop a desktop application, but in the decade 1999-2009 most developers are not completely focus on the development of client application.”

in providing communication, collaboration, planning the development of web applications at the same time, we also see a lot of the efficiency of software for mobile devices have sprung up. But these applications for those who are already using the browser application is just a temporary supplementary tools.

Homebrew partner Satya Patel wrote: “I don’t think the efficiency of the desktop tools disappear, it is only those who rely on mobile communications and data transfer profit efficiency tool parts replaced. However, these mobile manufacturers are aware of change is everywhere, for the knowledge workers, this means to return to the desktop. So once popular once again popular again.”

cross-platform connectivity

mobile application developers find only focus on a smartphone is not enough. Now the user is through a variety of equipment and screen to use electronic mail and calendar such services, and software developers want to develop their own application on multiple platforms do seamless user experience.

Product Hunt Ryan, founder of the Hoover wrote: “by having the desktop and mobile terminal, many startups get attention and a foothold in the market. When people with a mobile application and desktop application at the same time, to transform them from Sunrise to come over when it is very difficult. And for the people who create more “commercialization” can easily be replaced application is particularly important.” Hoover Sunrise calendar application, for example. Mobile E-mail, calendar, to-do lists are easy to be replaced, but by the consistency of experience across multiple screen can make it is unlikely to be replaced.

Mailbox, founder of the Gentry Underwood wrote: “of course, when we are talking about when we are in an era of mobile, we more means more screen time. We hope our information and our experience of using tools can be seamlessly across several OS platforms. In our mobile phones, the elaborate design of application because the ability to reduce running-in, can help us when doing other things get what we need quickly and better.”

Mailbox is a shift from mobile applications for the perfect example screen. It based on the iPhone at first then because the user use tablet computers to improve efficiency and turned in the application. Now, the company is committed to develop a can with the existing local desktop applications of mobile applications seamless docking.

Underwood wrote: “have applications like E-mail and efficient consistent experience is very important. A local application can let you in every way has the first-class experience: the badge dock icon, a dedicated user interface, easy operation of the window, and do not need to be transmitted through HTML interactive speed.”

new access to

although web app has widely distributed, but since there is no installation or regular updates – all of the user interface changes have occurred in the background and displayed in the browser interface, they lack of mobile device users already familiar with the local application of speed and function.

at the same time, access has changed. If you want a specific desktop application, you only need to from a developer site search and download is ok, or by an application of websites like Download.com to download. But before that, you may have to go to the entity shop to buy a box including software installation CD.

but the user can view and install on the mobile end desktop app store, for the problem is solved. The best example of this is apple’s Mac App Store, the Store is the important part in the latest OS X. The user can also like the Chrome Web Store looking for, feel and use local application.

Bloomberg Beta partner Roy Bahat wrote: “through the desktop app store will be able to download the client executable into the application created a lot of differences, mainly for security, trusted willfulness and convenience. It also gives the application a consistent access (compared to illegally download limits).”

in addition, mobile devices and desktop connection seems to be with the passage of time will only get stronger. Apple and Google are working to build a have function of cross-platform application platform. For Google, it means the seamless joint between mobile applications and web applications, but for apple, which means that in its connection is established between OS X and iOS development platform.

Hoover insisted: “8 + Maverick iOS cross-platform push notifications will open the connection of mobile devices and desktop new opportunities.” With the desktop, web, and mobile development platform integration, we are likely to see more and more mobile developers took their applications to the desktop application development, and these applications will continue to play their role.