Why are China’s android applications doing so well in overseas?

Ceng Hang/article

in the PC Internet age, the internationalization of Chinese Internet companies basic was a failure. Once baidu search into the Japan market, but ended in failure. Alibaba has joint yahoo Japan tried to enter Japan, also ended in failure. Tencent QQ business has not been large-scale internationalization.

but in the mobile Internet era, the internationalization of Chinese enterprises has made significant achievements

1) in March 2014 download Google Play’s global list of cheetah the Clean of mobile master and CM security ranked “

2) market in India is the largest UC mobile browser

3) WeChat abroad have 1 to 200 million user

4) for the digital portal (3 g) is the world’s top 3 APP last year publishers, and to rely on the performance of the success in the United States overseas listing

5) king card universal in the United States, Japan, South Korea three markets are App Store business class application first

6) Shanghai advertising platform YiWeiYi moving overseas has hundreds of millions of yuan a year in overseas income

7) touch input method by mobile phone manufacturers such as huawei, zte to treasure in the United States, Europe, Russia, Indonesia and other countries have achieved a high market share

8) touch technology maintenance Cocos2d – x game engine in Japan, South Korea, the United States market are ranked first or second mobile game engine

9) IGG over Zygna in October 2013, became the area Google Play income in the top 10 enterprises, and relying on overseas income successfully listed in Hong Kong

10) liberal arts has 70% of its revenue from overseas, and successfully listed in Hong Kong

China relies mainly on the mobile Internet market overseas company has produced at least five listed or quasi listed companies:

long bond digital, cheetah, mobile, IGG, burson-marsteller, YiWeiYi

we believe that the Chinese companies in mobile Internet global competitive advantage is mainly embodied in the Chinese engineers dividends, China an engineer’s price is only one 5 of the us – in the silicon valley hiring a junior engineers salary of about $100000, while China in more than 20000

so on some of the mobile Internet niche the obvious advantages of Chinese enterprise

1) Android tools applications. Tool APP technical threshold is not high, but often need product iteration, and requires a more Android platform, multiple models adaptive, need a lot of manpower, so China company. So China clean master, Go desktop, touch input method have made a very good result in overseas such as

2) quickly COPY class products, such as game. IGG’s rise is the COPY of the Supercell COC, when delays in an Android version of the COC, IGG first COPY the Android version of this product and in many countries issue, wash the part of users go

3) suitable for open multiple product line of products at the same time, such as mobile phone games. Chinese firms can sea tactics of choose and employ persons at the same time a lot of production lines, raises the probability of success

China’s mobile Internet business is to form a means of going out the favorable situation

1) the carrier equipment at this stage, China’s huawei and zte have high market share in the world, they not only sales of telecommunications equipment, but also help the telecom operators in many countries set up commercial platform

2) 50% of the world’s smartphones are made in China, huawei, zte, lenovo, cool the phones to go out at the same time, many Chinese APP preinstalled with them to the world. Treasure such as touch input method on cooperation with huawei, zte, sales overseas, both sides have a very flexible way of cooperation, such as touch treasure accept overseas pre-loaded at a lower price, the mobile phone manufacturers in China domestic help promote touch of other applications. The rise of UC in the Indian market and has a lot to do with pre-installed in the lenovo mobile phone manufacturers such as.

3) China WeChat, GO desktop, Clean the master level platform for mobile Internet applications such as rise in overseas users, and can help other Chinese application promotion, such as series of jinshan tools App’s promotion is using the GO abroad series

4) the platform level of the mobile Internet traffic, and help Chinese content type products, such as mobile game issue overseas, such as beauty, qin dou hall, my name is MT, castle wars games abroad have good performance.

(more than the contents from touch technology Ceng Hang director of strategic analysis on the Great Wall will GMIC conference speech)