Why do I think the public comments than mass of high market value?

since last year, the United States listed on the window is fully open, from 58 city, to where the nets, to launch this year of beauty, jingdong and ali, powerful companies listed on all don’t want to miss this opportunity.

in many Internet companies listed to public comments and nature also itching. According to the latest media revealed that the two companies plan to launch at the end of the year, the group has completed the listed before the final round of even as high as the 1 $financing.

is also do the local life companies in service industries, public comments and the group will be out for comparison. What is the two companies will choose public or be acquired? Who will be listed first? Who on earth is listed, the market value of higher?

as a “professional” student, in my opinion, two companies should choose independent public. In speed, the group should be first step than public comments on the listed. But if the listed after the public comments on the market value should be higher than the group.

company is listed or is, in fact, the single biggest reason, however, depends on the company’s core, founder of the perception of the company. In general, if the company founder has a so-called “entrepreneurial feelings”, and aspiring to be a giant company, as long as less than as a last resort, will choose independent public; And if more partial “businessman” the founder of the ingredients, the general as long as the price is right, the company sold are sold.

from public comments and the soul of the regiment, zhang and Mr Wang are undoubtedly has a startup feelings. Public comments on the first ten years in obscurity for businesses to expand, user reviews, before that there have been numerous acquisition public comment on rumors, zhang also unmoved, even noble, such as tencent, just took the 20% of the company. And the group’s Mr Wang, has experienced many times after startup, the group is listed from the latest, Mr Wang natural won’t will this opportunity to give up easily. So the two should not be buying this road, choose independent public possibility is very large.

why Meituan will first step than comments listed? Actually decide when a company is listed, there will be two major aspects, the first is the whole of the capital market, the second is the company’s operating stage and facing the external environment.

u.s.-listed window has been completely open at present, the capital market also is in a very hot at the moment. Listed only the product will rise, the stock price of the car’s home stunned the junior partner, the unlisted gather beauty is superior, jingdong’s market value is high also terrible, this kind of circumstance, is the best time for both.

than the public review find the backer, tencent Meituan now are relatively isolated (ali of shares in the 10% about, is a pure financial investment, say less), facing the situation is more serious. Meituan financing, which can be seen as Meituan is choose to fly alone. On the one hand, need to break through the BAT the blockade, and they fight, on the other hand on the expansion of the business to the vertical in itself, is also facing the competition in the field of vertical, ctrip and elong has been to the United States before the group hotel opened up to competition, the traditional film website time, watercress also has related action on the cat’s eye.

and public comments on the net can rely on the support provided by tencent in the mobile terminal, make full use of these and cash flow, began to develop its own online reservation, wedding, etc. So in terms of listing, Meituan than public comments will be much more urgent, Meituan through listed are needed to further enhance their own value, at the same time also need to be listed, to have a better cash flow and BAT and various vertical platform for battle.

the last is about the two market, a firm’s market value is depends on multiple ways, telling stories, industry heat, earning power and so on, but the main or its operation mode can be derived. So although Meituan every month turnover in group-buying is basically the public comments on the two times, but in my opinion, the public comments on the market value will be higher than Meituan mainly based on the following several reasons.

first, the two companies for offline understanding of service industry, public comment on more comprehensive than group. From the point to cut into the local life, Meituan is single is given priority to with group buying (take-out while it is doing, but the size is still relatively small), and the public comment on coupon, discount, online booking order from the three aspects, group buying is just one part of it.