Why is the number of Microsoft scolded than Google apple?

@ krypton knife

a Big recent Twitter a great god evleaks news let WP again the company users, call Microsoft brain-dead pit dad. In such event, the Microsoft actually received similar treatment is very common. If you go through apple, Google, Microsoft’s big three news consumers after reading, you will find a phenomenon: praise apple, Google, disdain blame Microsoft. Microsoft was dead, silly force, the pit dad, tortoise speed is a common description for Microsoft.

why Microsoft scolded the number of times than apple, Google? The reason might be the following:

it is not as

Microsoft PC is the undisputed leader, absolute dominance. The dominant driving up the user for Microsoft on the mobile end performance expectations, say not require Microsoft also extends the glorious, the PC on the mobile end but also want Microsoft to Google vie with the apple. But the reality is lost in the mobile end, Microsoft WP system after several years of development, the global market downturn continues, Microsoft on the mobile end voice is weak. It makes the user’s expectations, huge contrast let users to accept. For Microsoft anger does not dispute. So scold became the user hope and a way of let off steam.

Dig a hole more


Microsoft for the replacement of mobile operating system lack of continuity, half-hearted digging too much. From giving up games lost Windows Mobile, symbian instead reverted to its research and development of Windows Phone now, but make a WP7.5 user cannot upgrade WP8 poor decision. So there is no continuity of upgrade not only led to the loss of original users, Microsoft more led to Microsoft’s choice of potential users, because of fear was again, once bitten, twice shy once bitten, twice shy, so choose to stay at a respectful distance from sb. Consumer distrust for the Windows operating system, this is one of the largest unfortunately Microsoft Windows operating system.
3 it is slow, concept blame

Microsoft WP ecosystem after several years of development, global market share is still low, in addition to competition from apple and android, but more is due to his speed, Microsoft before WP8.1, WP experience is not mature, the basis of the immature status has created a terrible WP is old users and potential users, etc. But not Microsoft does not have the capacity to provide these basic experience, but I don’t know why Microsoft is not provided, competition and customers who have the patience. Or provided, has been manufactured, lack of delicate and ease of use, which is more some of the popular items. To get some confusion to the person feel things in. The concept of the product unacceptable. This kind of hard to accept direct expression is puns and scold of Microsoft.

4 it is to ignore the user’s psychological

actually users are selfish, all hope to own platform can be the first to get the latest support. But Microsoft is unacceptable, your platform some applications should than Microsoft released on other platforms. Some of the latest Microsoft products should not start on their platform. Although this is a strategic priority of consideration, but the strategic priority of the snub their platform ignores the user’s psychological expectation, make the user feel lost out. Their own do not attach importance to their own platform, how to let others pay attention to?

5 is the product name frequently

in the face of product of trademark, Microsoft and apple have different practices, apple would be willing to pay $60 million for the trademark; But Microsoft has a magical name (joking, of course). Microsoft for the product name is frequent. Microsoft or to avoid disputes with other companies in the trademark, or in order to improve the strategic position of a product. Microsoft’s practice, it is reflected the Microsoft for the product of brand value is not very seriously, and embodies the Microsoft makes for the lack of a clear product positioning. And frequent change name will inevitably cause the user confusion, reduces the user recognition on the part of the delay new users to enter.

in fact, all of these for Microsoft, not just how to solve the problem, it is difficult to solve the concept problems of Microsoft, Microsoft is time to change their idea, attach importance to the user can get the best returns.