Win9 will push OneCore, Microsoft platform for all unified UI design

with doing series of perfect, Microsoft also gradually improve on the whole platform strategy. In the beginning, the core part of the Microsoft operating system for the unification, to build on the same NT core platform Windows 8 and 8 is an example of Windows Phone. Whole platform strategy for Microsoft hardware manufacturers and software developers have benefited a lot. And with the advent of Win9, Microsoft is also planning to launch the new UI of unity, further deepening the whole platform strategy, under the promotion of unified UI, developers to design the UI will also be able to full platform general, did not separate adapter for various products.

in the near future, Microsoft’s recruitment information also revealed to Microsoft product platform is expected to improve, to improve the efficiency of the developers to a single application, make it possible for more application development, and further promote the improvement of the design framework, encourage more smoothly complete the UI design. It is understood that Microsoft will become a OneCore unified the kernel.

according to the current news, Win9 Threshold design will have the following several characteristics:

desktop style more fashion, more flat.

the taskbar icon more interactive, strengthen the traditional real-time dynamic characteristic of the thumbnail. Glance and Go the be clear at a Glance () function is also reserve and perfect.

the long-awaited Cortana voice assistant will be landing Win9 Threshold, click to access from the task bar.