With the giant tencent literature push “choose the day to remember” build book synchronous mode

(word/qing nan)

in April this year, tencent announced literature based on fan economic star IP strategy, and accordingly make the industrial chain. In a few months later, the strategy for the first time.

today, tencent’s literature and the giant network both sides declared in the entertainment field depth cooperation, work together to create IP license as the core of open chain. By tencent well-known network literature’s novel of the same name end swim “, choose the day as the first side of cooperation work, start “book tour synchronous mode” for the first time become the biggest bright spot. The game in the second half of this year is expected to officially launched.


choose the day hot writer is network issue the latest creation of the fantasy east, is also the issue after signing tencent literature first full-length, have very high popularity in the reader. As a staple of tencent literature, literary wu, CEO of tencent announced that $50 million will choose the day down into animation, this time with the giant collaboration on swim means tencent literature in building IP license as the core of the extensive entertainment filling a step closer.

under the current game subjects began to take high quality IP has become most the corporation strategy, it is also a giant tencent network in hand to the opportunity of literature.

the giant network vice President Ken peng, can win the choose the day to remember the obvious IP, giant spent a large amount of money, but he did not disclose the specific amount and income is divided into three parties how to do it.

it is important to note that the novel “the choose the day there is no end, at this time was the giant network, behind also revealed the giant new operation strategy, it is also a new” book tour synchronization “, it refers to the author of the novel problems, game developers, readers of the novel, and giant network game players, the four groups with parallel synchronous build, serial sections of the novel will and a parallel interactive relationship between the content of the game, the novel chapter will be completely reproduced in the game, to create a fully interactive.

for the depth of the future cooperation, the giant network vice President Ken peng, the future will also work with tencent literature in such aspects as cooperation mode, the types of games to diversify into the exploration and try.