Words can bo eye Internet education should return to nature more at one time

the author is hunting cloud network contribute

as if overnight, countless online education companies emerged from the ground, make a lot of people in the industry and the media are surprised. Education along with the Internet under the catalysis of thinking, actually have such a phenomenon of the explosion, and the culmination of this phenomenon is new Oriental and YY to the device.

today, despite the war of words between the two sides have put a while, but I still think YY did use the “Internet thinking” this weapon, new Oriental into his designed in advance step by step in the “trap”.

the author as a senior in the education industry for more than a dozen years L he had discussed this issue, free of charge under the strategy of big classroom concept sounds attractive, can temporarily gathered popularity, but should pay attention to teaching quality, certainly not small, the data can be proved that online education ARPU value highest is mainly do one-on-one education VIPABC and 91 teachers. Free education is a false dichotomy.

lively spat to YY to hype effect, li3 xue2 ling2 to overturn the education industry for discussion are legion. But as the months passed, with the hype effect of diminishing, never mention subversion of the word.

itself speaking, education is a service industry, through technical means can optimize reform, some industry’s dirty work but this is a hard work, also need a lot of industry accumulated “, said Mr L.

“education industry, then, is to do most? service improvements have to find from the industry development. After the saliva, find some hard goods .”

according to the observation, the writer of the “flip” class is a kind of popular teaching concept, teachers as the leading factor of the scene will be in the past, turn to the students as the center of the scene, with the optimization of evaluation mechanism, flip the classroom in many schools have a teacher to try.

as the innovation of teaching idea, turning the classroom in practice has encountered many difficulties and challenges, such as excessively dependent on video, fully online courses, students, the whole class staring at the screen without communication, etc., and differences in the levels of teachers, flip the classroom in the school education in China has not been very good development.

recently, along with the deepening of the application of Internet technology in the education industry, a new flip classroom mode – personalized group class, seemed to solve these problems. Personalized groups generally consists of three to six students, classroom with students as the center, through the early stage of the students online self study, combined with the late teacher offline interactive teaching, to implement knowledge misgivings, blind spot interpretation, etc. And because the team of scientific and reasonable, can rise to the company, thus, the effect of the question and answer each other, learn from each other so as to avoid the over domestic students encountered in the classroom is not active and lonely bad scene.

this is one of the great difficulties in students to online learning, how to enable students to learn effectively early self? How to offline teaching has guiding significance to the late? Internet technology under the catalyst of intelligent learning platform solution are given. To learn lesson big personalized group as an example, the online platform for intelligent tutoring “e” is in the process of teaching plays a very important role. Student registration after entering e xueda, all learning action will be system records, analysis, can accurately detect the problems of students in each course knowledge,. Relevant information will be pushed to the teacher, the teacher will be based on the system precision positioning to the student, to organize the offline learning content. And with the data of the accumulation of more and more, students’ whole learning context will be extremely clear, e learning intelligent evaluation will become more accurate.

according to the author, e learning big consisting link online, learn a large online platform for problem sets, 500000 covers the elementary school to high school grade 12, all subjects 8000 knowledge, provide free testing for all students. The massive question bank every month seventy thousand new questions and update will have nearly ten thousand video courses.

there are more than 150000 people in the “e” platform to learn, and this figure is constantly expanding. As the accumulation of data, users, behavior, can build a lot of analysis model, to understand the needs of students, to understand their features and characteristics of the especially mobile Internet now have a geographical location, or even know where they are, the track of the activities and learning all estimates of the master, to better the teaching of offline.

big data will be a large number of students learning materials, learning process, asking questions, problem solving process, test and feedback of information on the whole chain study structured, digital, modeling, turning the classroom into the real one door with characteristic of empirical science project.

words will lead to a temporary eye effect, but the Internet education should return to essence education, because really can bring value to the user of the product can survive for a long time. Online education industry impetuous, now need to precipitate more type of products.