World war ii, sohu offering a “portal + video” combination

(word/qing nan)

2014 World Cup, sohu and other portal website how would be launched the war? After internal after long-term arrangements, to return to the helm sohu CEO Charles zhang today revealed that the current progress.

he to hunt cloud network, including the media, said the World Cup, sohu will be fully open sohu portal and sohu video channels, technology, sales data, and resources, such as through the PC sohu net, sohu video and mobile the sohu news client, sohu video client and mobile phone sohu net realize the terminal synchronization coverage, in the event video on demand, homemade video programs, strong graphic reports, as well as the media interaction fields together to attack, creating one of the most abundant platform media across the World Cup.

with a brief statement of the is to use “portal + video” to play combination, portal is content, video diversity in terms of display. Sohu’s advantage in portal as is known to all, more than 10 years of accumulation of brand has been deeply rooted in the majority of Internet users, compared with previous years, video available more space. Now, sohu video online video sites top three in our country. “Information + video” has become a sohu advantage.

in zhang’s view, is the chance of weibo, the 2010 World Cup in South Africa but now is the chance of video obviously. As compared with four years ago, both PC and mobile, video demand has been exploded.

he said, the current sohu has made cooperation with CNTV, won the 2014 Brazil World Cup video on demand and video related rights and interests of all events, will be free for hundreds of millions of Internet users to provide high quality event video and all kinds of homemade program. For games, sohu is still in negotiations with CCTV, is still waiting for the final decision.

“portal + video” under the combination of characteristic content

every major event in a large project reports, rich text and graphic nature is little not. In addition, sohu will be fully through the portal professional reports and video self-control ability, launch large video report “World Cup special report”, including “star dialogue” and a series of homemade column, at the same time, sohu will also introduce the sohu World Cup big live in 24 hours, and other key planning and project.

meanwhile, sohu will release for different audiences and different style but the clarity of positioning homemade program, strengthening in the sports content and status in the field of sports marketing.

this content will show on sohu’s individual products, form a breadth of coverage. Including sohu net, sohu video, sohu news client, mobile phone sohu net, sogou input method, etc.

not only that, based on the data characteristics, sohu will also can be combined with the content of the user’s individualized demand push.

Using the media resources

since the media is sohu features, on the current content strategy provides users with more excellent content and reading selection, has accumulated a large number of authors. Sohu another feature of the time the World Cup is to launch the media resources to provide users with more fresh information.

according to zhang, the content of the sohu’s World Cup, including graphic and video will be from there are a lot of people of various media reports. At present, the company is according to the data indicators to seek a variety of “cow”, invited in sohu platform promotion, these include the most authoritative, the maximum flow in a certain topic of famous authors, etc.

screen more interactive enhanced viscosity

into the fans closer to users is the essence of sticky content, is also the basis of the content of secondary spread. In addition to the routine method in PC, sohu this time put more resources in the mobile terminal, sohu news client, sohu video and mobile phone sohu net, will become the sohu reported in the World Cup mobile content the main output and interaction.

the portability of mobile products increased the user interaction, we have learned, before and after the World Cup, there will be a lot of star appeared on the sohu news client studio voice chat live interaction with fans. In addition, in order to further enhance the accuracy of user interaction, sohu also developed a detailed content rendering, push, interactive mode.

such as fans watching the World Cup in sohu can participate in this year “I want to score goals” double screen interactive quizzes. This is TV interactions with double screen of the mobile phone games. Moreover, sohu also developed the star card “, “the desktop World Cup” and so on many World Cup games, including cooperation with jin MAO promote theater scene viewing and interaction, will further through cinema screens, offer online scene sense of reality and involved in.