Wow! Yukio okamoto, founder of tencent

message on July 19, the minimalist social applications yukio okamoto, has completed the $1.5 million round of funding, the seeds of a $10 million valuation. The company’s investors include Betaworks, erecting Mashable’s Peter kay (Pete Cashmore), and a handful of tencent’s founder (hunting cloud network note: who will be?).

yukio okamoto, after confirming, has raised $1.2 million. But the company investor list until Friday. Known to the outside world, yukio okamoto, co-founder and CEO Mobli mosher, Mr Geiger (Moshe Hogeg) had invested in the project itself.

, yukio okamoto, CEO Mr. Abel Arbel (O), said that he is from may start negotiations with Betaworks financing, but until now can publish the news of the financing. Finally, yukio okamoto, and attracted $300000 investment, make this round of funding totaled $1.5 million. TechCrunch quoted sources as saying that this round of funding for yukio okamoto, valued at $10 million.

Abel, said yukio okamoto, will use this round of funding to expand operations in San Francisco, and the headquarters office rent an office of the site from the United States moved out.

yukio okamoto, have started hiring engineers and business development teams, help the company to strengthen the brand cooperation. So far, the application of yukio okamoto, has attracted more than 2 million downloads installation, currently has more than 2000 developers to use the application program interface (API).

Abel in the official statement said: “this round of funding worth far more than we have. In the present stage in yukio okamoto, introducing smart, talented and experienced team of people will bring huge advantage, help us to accelerate growth, and provide the user with more and better value.” (sina science and technology li li)