Xbox game independent developers said they saved for 9 years, I was so poor!

now. I have been independent for nearly nine years, but I still was very poor, so I hate flower has reached the point of any a penny. In addition, I really don’t know how to sell it in the Xbox game, so I don’t even willing to hire a professional picture designers (this can be very affect sales, with a screen of a LOGO is made by me), so that you can understand, when I developed the game, my principle is: how far can save province.

so, many provinces to call it the “province”?

you might think so, since Microsoft has to Xbox independent developers program of early adopters to reveal their development system, as long as you don’t have office, use the interest paid to each producer, then you develop a game is about to break even. But that is not the case, let’s look at how we break down our cost.

since I am the poorest and most save developers (one), it seems, to create a computer game will need at least the cost of nearly $5000.

so, what are big spending?

first errors and omissions insurance, and Microsoft has the requirements in the contract. This insurance is not only for errors and omissions insurance, it must be effective in preventing IP and copyright infringement, so you can easily search on the Internet to cheap insurance must be unqualified quality. I worked as an insurance broker (Parker, Smith, and Feek), so find the best value of insurance.

second, rating committee, Microsoft has the requirements in the contract. If you want to release the game in a particular area, you must make the local official ratings committee game rating for you. Very miserably, but it is true! Let you game finish rating in certain areas, but rather than simply to your game language translation into local languages are much more expensive! I spent about $700 will be the game localization, but spent nearly $2000 for my game is PEGI and USK ratings. (I skipped the Australian and New Zealand, because they all want to be around $2000 of the cost of rating… Maybe I will release the game in these areas, of course, premise is that the game will sell very well.).

clearly, do you want for localization in other regions is to see your decision, if you put your gaming restrictions in areas don’t have to pay extra fee (which means you have to jump over Europe), you can put the cost of your game has dropped below $3000.

all in all, in some extent, for poor developers like me, the hard to avoid these costs prohibitive. However, it is definitely worth it. Although we haven’t got the sales report, at least the last check list, we have entered the top 10000 list. So anyway, we have to recover the cost and also get the living wage additional protection. This in my independent development of the game career is extremely rare. I am very excited about this result, I chose the Xbox is a wise decision.