Xbox One, the price of $100, no longer mandatory binding device for sale

Microsoft announced on June 9, officially launched the “no device” Xbox One. This means that the Xbox One in launch after six months, finally in price to the “back” and the 4 PS the same starting line ($399). Interestingly, after Microsoft official has declared that it is an integral part of the Xbox, will stick to bundling.

the Xbox section chief Phil Spencer said in an interview, “Microsoft is willing to listen to user Suggestions. We know that some users only use the handle to play games, so called for them, are an additional expense. In spite of this, we will, as always, adhere to develop it. Motion-sensing technology is crucial for Microsoft, but we’d be happy to give users the choice of free space.”

Microsoft emphasized that in this autumn, launch a separate device body feeling peripherals.

in addition, another for a long time the Xbox is also changed. It is understood that the user is now don’t have to be Xbox Live Gold subscription member, you can enjoy free Netflix, Hulu, Skype,, Internet Explorer and other applications.

the above two changes is not significant. The number of sales in an increasingly behind the SONY playstation 4 cases, Microsoft is doing everything it can to pursue SONY’s footsteps.

after the press conference, Microsoft and best vision of officially sales in China in September this year the Xbox console. Sources, went on sale in September this year the Xbox one standard edition has a preliminary price 4999 yuan, will contain the host, the game handle and body feeling camera device.