Xiao-peng he: PC to mobile is against the wind, moving to the PC is favorable

article/UC President xiao-peng he

I promise. A few years ago, UC will remain focused, only do mobile browser, but has recently introduced a PC browser and TV browser.

the attributes of the industry is “not the only rapid change”; The same, your company will lose. So my previous commitment was defeated by reality ruthlessly, a friend is like the classic speech: I said, are wrong.

I remember a few years ago when the mobile Internet has just had a prototype, everybody is thinking about a problem, the mobile Internet and PC Internet exactly is what relationship? It is said that the mobile Internet is the extension of the Internet with extension; Others said, this is two completely different patterns. Today, we have more and more can feel, the PC to the Internet, mobile Internet is reverse fusion become “Internet” in the true sense.

science and technology in the rapidly changing way of life. Before we rely on “screen” is a newspaper, a magazine, then is the PC on the desk in the room, the future of electronic, interactive screen will be more and more, this screen not only appeared on the glasses, television, automobile, and may even appear on the table, refrigerator, classroom. I believe that the screen will become a terminal control all kinds of electrical equipment, mobile phone to control different connecting the center of the screen, this is the embryonic form of the Internet of things, and many real start service from online to offline.

screen more ecological, mobile phone is center

what kind of changes are happening in the Internet?

first of all, the network will be from division to integration. Last year, see some of the American market data, each family there is already an average of six to seven screen equipment, including TV, notebook, PAD, and mobile phone, between the different terminals through. For example, now a lot of users through the PC purchase or reservation, mobile query took off to decrease time, check-in formalities, it has become a very typical across the terminal services, in different networks and different period.

second, users from “requirement” to “always online”. For an example of all too well, I’m very afraid of have a meal with some friends, long time no see, originally very happy, eating eating everyone started a mobile phone. Mobile phones have will remember from the necessary of pure communication products, become a continuously break the boundary of the new product, we can imagine to attract people to use all the time. This kind of phenomenon will be fermented into what in China? I don’t know, but think about feel very afraid.

so in the face of these changes, Internet companies need to “reconnect”, last year I had mentioned in some occasions. One is connected to the user’s reconstruction, because users are from the old young man covered in old people, from the first three lines city residents to four or five lines. Second, reconstruction and product related connection, according to the fragmentation regularity of equipment, different usage scenarios and habit of users, will be to give you their business improvement. In this context, through all the screen, including PC, TV, establish more screen ecology is very be necessary.

now, PC, mobile phone, tablet, TV and other wearable devices, more screens are divided in the user’s online time. From Business Insider ship the latest statistics data, the mobile phone has become a absolute leader, while the TV is very has the potential of a screen. At the same time, the world began to appear on the market some interesting new players, such as Google Glass wearable devices, car, or the Internet.

among them, as the earliest form of mobile phone, shipments, the largest and the most personal characteristics of mobile devices, will become the center of the future of all connections, mainly reflected in two aspects.

the first is the mobile Internet has become the center of the Internet. More and more devices come to networking, in addition to the popular mobile phone, PAD, PC, TV, also including cars, routers and other equipment, produce interaction for the center with mobile phones, it is the mainstream trend.

the second is the mobile phone as the center, through the O2O scenes. Public comments on the development of the past, for example, the rhythm is not fast, but recently began to accelerate obviously, because of the mobile Internet and smart phones let whole O2O industry get fast development. In PC before public comment on web site can see restaurant information, but to form the consumption is very trouble. The other enterprise, also there’s no way that you have been to the restaurant, because can’t pay. But now let users for information processing, from finding and decision making, extends to the consumption trend is very obvious.

more screen time entry

screen more interactive era, I think the browser must be one of the most important entrance. First, the user on different devices, systems, screen size, too many applications to installation and maintenance is very difficult. User’s attitude to the App is tend to be rational, used to be crazy to download, we have a user on the mobile phone of most is said to have there are thousands of applications, where the real use, but later found was that a few.

in addition, the demand of the enterprise is changing. Internet companies the original PC Internet and mobile Internet firms, so in today’s mobile Internet fusion PC under the condition of Internet, online and offline integration, there will be a very big change. Is you a copy of the original content, you need to provide different equipment, specifically to make different style, it is very painful for content providers.

and the browser is a very large open Internet platform, can also be considered to be the largest open platform. Because Web protocol is open, the standard is open, and it has vast amounts of content. A vertical type of App, can obtain very good effect on the content and the service, but want to cross on multiple screens, scene, the cost is very high, very difficult. So both content richness, and adaptation of different device screen, the App with the browser’s competition, in the screen time will be on a downward.

Google has also recently for more screen layout in the browser to make a series of changes. You know more than a year ago the Android business has placed Chrome, we are expected to be at the time, three to five years later, Chrome combined with Android will produce some depth change. But now this process began to accelerate obviously, look at the change of the new Android 4.4, and Chrome to strengthen across the screen. The next two to three years, Google in screen will have so much more interesting.

screen products more thinking

to build for the center with mobile phone product experience, not just simply synchronize data, but must be from the underlying architecture to support. This is a new thinking direction.

a simple example, UC do TV browser, I ask many industry friends, what is the main user requirements on TV? They just say video without hesitation, and possibly education and games, other are not so important. But after we actually did it only to find that, the user needs and usage scenario is very much, much more than we can imagine, many of them are old man, there are many is the man who don’t watch much TV.

we found an interesting demand for example is shopping, but on the TV to open a shopping website, you will find that with the remote control to operate very pain, why? Because the browser itself interact not suitable for operation on TV. UC hope to solve this problem by means of mobile phone browser plug-in, the key is to build the new interactive way U3 kernel architecture, connect the phone as the center to carry on the design.

even reading, have very big chance on TV. Have such a big screen TV, enough distance, will not have so a group of users, they want to read novels, newspapers and magazines on TV? I think there must be in the future, and most likely in the elderly.

Pad is UC in cell phones three years ago, the first step toward a more screen layout. Said strictly, Pad browser actually follow before mobile browser than relationships across the screen, but a split screen browsers, because the mobile phone with Pad interactions are rare. But the mobile phone and television, Pad and television, mobile phone and PC, the interaction between the will be very much.

do PC browser, but also for the result of user demand. PC browser basically do not have so much innovation in the past, just as a pure client in doing, not deep into the cloud and more screen elements, is the most simple synchronous some data, it is easy to fall into the cycle of shopping channels, marketing. Actually in terms of interaction with cell phones and other terminal, PC browser users are still has a lot of requirements are not met. More than the real screen interaction must be went up from the underlying kernel architecture support, Google rewrite Chrome Blink kernel is a case in point. From this perspective, the PC browser has much room for improvement.

wind and the wind

there is an interesting thought, I think the successful companies in the mobile end, go walking on the PC will be more easy. Why is that? Thinking in a lot of people say that the Internet today, many fear the Internet thinking traditional industry friends. Actually, Internet companies need to face this problem, many enterprises, including mobile Internet early start-up companies, because there is no able to see the transformation of the mobile Internet itself. So the old Internet thinking in the context of the new industry is problematic as well.

if an enterprise to occupy the tuyere of the mobile Internet, and try again in an old Internet market innovation, will have more than the PC Internet vendors obeys the law of industry mode of thinking and gene. UC do, for example, a PC browser, found previously had difficulties with mobile browser, such as equipment compatibility and network compatibility, insufficient memory, cross-regional, all of these on the PC is not a problem.

of course, we also have many places to learn from the old masters on the PC. But overall, from PC to mobile, I think it is against the wind; From mobile to PC, it is with the wind.