XiaoGuang: baidu 91 distribution platform successful innovation three precious experience

on July 4, hunting cloud network news

in today’s mobile Internet innovation conference in 2014, 91, vice President of baidu XiaoGuang published a theme of “the road to baidu 91 distribution platform of innovation, the theme of the speech, from three aspects as product, business and mode of interpretation.

while the iron is hot still needs its own hard, baidu 91 distribution platform has been in the domestic leading position. According to analysys international, according to data released the latest 91 distribution platform in the first quarter of 2014 baidu’s market share has reached 41.5%, ahead of 13.7%. This is how to do?

for the secret of success, XiaoGuang said in a speech: integration and innovation of baidu 91 mainly reflected in the products, business model from three aspects.

in the aspect of product innovation: open through the in – app capabilities, user feedback center, free download in the flow pattern innovation, further strengthen the developer service ability, provide more opportunities for application of long tail, and in fact is for small and medium-sized developers to expand the new stage, and successfully set up a bridge between users and developers, to help developers iterative decision-making.

from the perspective of business innovation, baidu, 91 through the platform through building transportation, advertising, and in three big cash entry, service one-stop service can be sold and turned into money. Gaming platform, with a distribution pattern linkage mechanism, form the unique search engine + app store + media community unique multivariate distribution pattern, multi-angle cross cover target users, greatly expanding the game the level of the transmission and distribution, for all types of mobile game more powerful careful promotion and operation service. Advertising platform, meanwhile, have been moving towards intelligent, will provide developers with more intelligent service in the future.

internal creativity, is the perpetual motion machine of the development of enterprises. On the development model of innovation, the continuation of baidu 91 attaches importance to the innovation of the enterprise internal genes and bottom-up grassroots creative mechanism, put forward the creative collection, resources, support platform to support the three-step strategy, investment big strength, hatch internally to foster a batch of new project, to form a platform with projects, projects to promote platform of internal innovation cycle.