Xperia Z2 foreign media evaluation: SONY… Pit again

to make a phone, well-designed for SONY. Make a let a person have nothing to say flagship, however, is always so difficult.

generations of flagship of the SONY product, white screen always let a person hard to endure ridicule desire. SONY to promote this generation’s flagship Xperia Z2 changed into the one of the best Live Color LED screen, the Color performance reached unprecedented levels. The actual situation?

The Verge of Z2 in detail. As SONY puts it, the screen color performance accurately, color rich and powerful.

it’s a pity that… Only in the dark. In the sunlight, the screen almost could not bear to look straight. Even if transferred to the highest brightness, the screen visibility is still very poor. Edit Vlad Savov dubbed it “the vampire” screen, dark top, the sun. But the phone is, after all, should take out with…

as the previous generation, generation, before the screen once again become a user must endure pain points, also be to prevent users to buy this generation of SONY’s flagship obstacles.

in addition to the screen, SONY, as usual, the appearance of the problem and angular founder while good-looking, but a poor grip feeling. Empty lens with large aperture, the software is not stable cause slow focusing and ambiguous. Of course, this is not the new circumstances of Z2, but SONY machine has always been the problem. It raises a new problem, SONY this 6 months generation flagship update cycle short, let the users how to buy? In addition to performance upgrade, Z2 really stronger than Z1/Z a lot?

of course, in addition to the vampire screen, grip feeling poor, poor camera software optimization, Xperia Z2 is a very good machine. Powerful, elegant appearance and IP58 level of protection than the samsung Galaxy S5.

SONY Xperia Z2 is a good phone, but it wasn’t up to SONY’s goals and the expectations of users. Do good for SONY never is difficult, only do is good, can only say that the pit again.