Yahoo! ‘s transition to bet on, super $200 million acquisition of mobile analytics firm Flurry

yahoo official has announced acquisition of global famous mobile industry development analysis of the survey companies Flurry. Over the years, Flurry, has been committed to for the mobile application developer provides valuable research data, in order to help them accurately grasp industry development trend, create high-quality mobile applications, etc.

so far, we don’t know the specific amount of the purchase. Re/code revealed that, in order to “marry” Flurry, yahoo will cost hundreds of millions of dollars “bride price”. according to the Wall Street journal reported that, transaction amount more than $200 million.

in yahoo mayer rule more than 600 days, yahoo is positive towards the transformation of the mobile Internet field. Although its core display advertising business have not been able to stop falling. Its search business also have not been able to bounce back, but hand alibaba quarter stake in yahoo, still hope that by “buying binge” to “buy out” a bright future.

although yahoo in today’s announcement, repeatedly emphasised on the mobile end strong growth trend, but the will to do the most publicized company, has always refused to disclose her mobile division of revenue. But it is, “burning money pull users” seems to be the “bubble economy”, the common strategy of Internet businesses.

Flurry, founded in 2005. Although the company also provide advertising solutions, but for yahoo, the greatest value a Flurry its load in more than 500000 the data on the application of statistical techniques. The Flurry of coverage of up to 1 billion data analysis computer devices.

it promised, upon the completion of the acquisition, Flurry will remain independent in maximum big operation. However, who knows, maybe next time Flurry can present a unprecedented for yahoo in the report of “harvest scene”.