Yi letter came on as a gaming platform “ninja must die 2” jing is colourful

today, easecredit game platform is launched, along with the game platform, the sole agent of netease xinrui parkour mobile game “ninja must die 2” were today’s blockbuster, the game will be easy to believe the platform’s first mobile game products.

easecredit game center

according to the relevant person in charge of easecredit, launched mobile game in easecredit gaming platform “ninja must die 2” will be easy to be obtained letter of friends relationship chain, can achieve easecredit PK each other between friends, can bask in the transcript letter in your circle of friends, which will enhance the interaction of the game, to make the game more fun.

in fact, by eliminating class netease launched another mobile game “with disinfection elimination” has done this, good results have been achieved. Through each other between friends PK, which not only enhances the interaction of the game and entertaining, also makes easy to letter itself is easy to believe the user to provide more rich content.

the industry analysis, points out that yi letter to launch the game platform will provide more mobile game with distribution channels, not only with the help of netease, and the strength of the China telecom resources focus on promotion, also sapped easecredit relationships strengthen the interactivity of the game, for the mobile game to reach the user provides a strong guarantee.

it is understood that the ninja must die 2 games to acme of freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese ink painting style, unique charm hangs parkour, full of mysterious east style of alternative options of applause. In theory, parkour games are generally more concise, characters and scenes were not changeable, but ink painting “ninja must die 2” style in their clinging to the eye, and also including the ninja characters, such as the Oriental classic roles, the Monkey King under the big film grade ink painting style design, has simple operation and rich game content.

“ninja must die 2” parkour game for the first time to join the “hangs parkour” concept to lead the brand-new parkour experience agitation, gorgeous all endure method under ink element chic showing blessing with ill-defined strong tension.

it is understood that “ninja must die 2” gs “ninja must die” as early as two years ago with its unique audio-visual identification has won the praise of the players at home and abroad, in the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Singapore and other countries has long occupied the App Store download the list of Top 5 games, and good hand tour website recommendation list.

at present, yi letter had 80 million registered users, covering China and overseas areas, the first stage of easecredit development in free speech, free Internet access, free calls, text messages and free communication fields such as international roaming calls for fine grinding, the second phase will explore new way of social information. Easecredit closed “ask” in the quiz module, has been in the average visit time and active expression to the huge potential, believe that moving the mutual q&a can create entirely new product business form, easecredit gaming platform, mobile payment, and more in the stage of exploring test new features will be launched soon.

the relevant person in charge of easecredit, said yi letter game platform adhere to the open attitude, in addition to the research game, will also introduce more mobile game products approved by global player. Product level in the game platform will enrich product line layout, including mild leisure, role play, strategy and puzzle game type. For all the masses, we can provide different flavors of choice.

easecredit, according to the relevant principals easecredit gaming platform in the future in addition to access to netease, telecommunications, independent research and development or the sole agent of mobile games, will also introduce the domestic and international numerous third-party game products.