Yi-ming zhang: how do I see the contents of the future

founder zhang peng for geeks park below with today’s headlines CEO yi-ming zhang dialogue records for this incident:

“media and the Internet, everyone is not a context”

zhang peng: why do you think there will be such arguments about copyright? Critics claim is what?

yi-ming zhang: behind the debate is actually a huge “clearance”, is the different understanding of the value. I found there are some traditional media still thinking about the center of gravity of thinking in the plane of the media itself, they are not thinking about the network, or through the mobile Internet access to more users, this is very pity. Of course, we also see some of the traditional media new media center to cooperate with us very good case, they want more links to their content.

this time, I found that the print is not clearly, instead, the media will be clear. They have a big change, and some application after see criticism. Because of the influence of the flow, because can find more readers. It is now our media platform can put ads, in the media can put WeChat referral link.

they clear a claim is that if the content at the headlines today become future mobile entrance, must put the interests of more assigned to content providers, if we really become very powerful, and don’t store large QiKe, I think this claim is reasonable.

zhang peng: the storm all different attitude and response, it is linked with the change of the media environment. Search in the PC era, and information to the digital era seems to have such criticism. Because the print found that everyone in the portal to watch the news on the net, no one bought newspapers and magazines. Now you actually is through the mobile Internet to reconnect the user and information, print feel users seem to have far distance, even they find themselves to establish the value of the site and was killed by mobile Internet applications.

yi-ming zhang: PC era is like that, you will find many 50 percentage site traffic from search engines. Although there is a web site, but the entrance is the change of baidu and now in the mobile Internet, as a result of industry change requires. Mobile phone won’t install several hundred reading application, so it’s collected some entrance effect will be more. Actually in the process, we found that accompany this round up in the process of mobile new media, we are actually very welcome, 51 cars, understand the ball like the emperor, etc., we have very good help to them.

zhang peng: this help means you put him in today’s headlines, and then bring them flow.

yi-ming zhang: yes, this company has a lot of benefits. Like a cow Shared won $five million in investment, more than three hundred million yuan. We have seen a lot of birth for valuation of hundreds of millions of yuan a year or so, I think the traditional media people even didn’t see this. If they saw this, they should do similar things, such as understand do soccer ball emperor, ox Shared car… I feel we in two contexts, live in two worlds.

some people a cavity angry, but their purpose is hope their new media, and don’t want to under the mobile Internet development better? Not to ask. We don’t know how to respond.

The content of the

“simple buying and selling is not conducive to the practice of ecological”

zhang peng: when we do the traditional media have experienced sina (45.88, 0.51, 1.10%) signed a contract with us, a year how many articles, can pay you a fee, the cost is not high, in my impression is most tens to hundreds of thousands of these levels. Does anyone actually told you hope you pay for the copyright

yi-ming zhang: ocean network proposed.

zhang peng: if the traditional media are in accordance with the requirements of this standard to ask what do you think?

yi-ming zhang: our hopes for the direct links to purchase content rather than content can consider to do according to the market situation. If the content supplied with new media, we may choose to broken links. If the content is very high quality, very exclusive, we also can consider to achieve through the business cooperation. Of course, we could provide more rich, more efficient content providers, made in the form of business cooperation.

we can feel that the rapid rise of emerging Internet media, they want more links to your website, and more product technical cooperation, the focus of our discussion more is how to achieve more such cooperation, rather than saying simply sell content to me. Because in this way, the content as the content after it has nothing to do with him, this is not an ecological practice, essentially the direction we don’t want to go.

“copyright fees cannot support at $500 million valuation”

zhang peng: investors is how to define your value? Think you bring the change of this age? I think a lot of anger and did not understand the outside world, because do not understand what makes you so valuable?

yi-ming zhang: I’m not willing to speak before that, but today I feel that under what do you think of our value.

today’s headlines hope to be helped the world in the era of mobile Internet users faster find valuable information tool, it will produce a great user value, social value, because we change the efficiency of information distribution. Such as we see, a professor at tsinghua university in weibo (18.94, 0.27, 1.41%) on the a share today’s headlines, talking about we recommend him many he needs of machine learning, there is no media can provide this in the past, it is difficult to get a print magazine called “machine learning”, because is too narrow, even if such a magazine now estimates that want to see people are hard to see such a convenient. And today’s headlines can immediately understand his needs, and links to him, this is the ascension of huge value to the customer, is a big change to the content of ecological.

we bring in the process of social and user value, must be able to produce our commercial value in the future. So our valuation background is not to take advantage of the traditional media content copyright, but I just have a huge user value social value.

we have no intention of “plunder” copyright, for save the cost of not also support the value of the core. The core values of today’s headline is when the mobile Internet brings the change of the information media, which led to a huge increase of the efficiency of information distribution this big opportunity is time background.

The content of the

“in the future to subdivide the infinite”

zhang peng: I know you are with a lot of technology to understand user behavior and preferences, now as before reading habits will is a far cry from the digital age, the Internet and mobile Internet with PC has great changes. What is the core of this change?

yi-ming zhang: every medium will bring great changes, we found that the mobile Internet medium has some features:

the first, it’s personal, your device can bring, as it can understand the wealth of information about you.

in the second place, it is real-time, everyone real-time networking, which makes information propagation speed will be greatly improved, also won’t said today’s content published on the second day. So once appear, he is interested in the content, it should be in the first place to him.

a third, more accurate. After we understand the user information, information distribution can be more accurate, this leads to the change of is, the more vertical content will be more prosperous.

zhang peng: infinitely subdivision, every niche is very rich.

yi-ming zhang: this trend more and more obvious. Know the ball is about football, watch of wrist of times about watches, because before to independent load distribution costs. Now, pay attention to the way or recommended by the way, after making distribution more efficient, more vertical content will rise.

I am a very strong feeling, because our side can work with a lot of network media, can see their very rapid development. I hope everyone can create good content beyond this gap, not the past the future is dark.

zhang peng: and now content actually no longer appears on the media as a package, this is similar to iTunes model. Do traditional media had we all know, in fact in this magazine is the most important is that five or six articles, because I don’t know what my readers full demand, so I should be divided some columns, talk about talk about entertainment management talk about something talk about attitude of life, of the last thirty or forty of the article make a package to sell to the reader, now is the content of the sheet.

yi-ming zhang: that’s right, the content will be thriving in the “single model”, because now the age distribution is the smaller the particle size, the more effective.

but you mentioned that do not know the reader’s interest do not know the characteristics of readers, also can solve this problem. Way through links such as media, we will tell the media his audience characteristics and distribution of each article, as well as the characteristics and distribution of media audiences, we can work out this article on the field the score of the lamp, so in the era of mobile, you said this problem will be reduced greatly, have infinite possibility.

“more miniaturization, personalized content production organization will”

zhang peng: I noticed a change is that a famous media before, now becomes the media of some authors became very famous, is the trend?

yi-ming zhang: will. Besides there are some large areas, some areas organization miniaturization. Organization in miniaturization and personalization is the same, the acme of personalization is miniaturization, content can be miniaturized, produce content organization, too, they write the content of the more professional, more and more focus. Miniaturization has a benefit, because the user demand for information more clearly. Medium changes bring a chain reaction of the granularity of information dissemination, to bring the size of the production of content organization, organization changes in the way.

zhang peng: actually you say small organization, on the one hand, really few, on the other hand organization itself spread the content and the role of content production is not as big as the original. Or organization in auxiliary departments “dead weight” will reduce, and the value of the real production content can be amplified.

yi-ming zhang: I am a pretty good idea of what the traditional media, one-third of the editorial is normal. Now the proportion in the new media group changed significantly, if he is by produces the content primarily, he may be producing content 80%, similar to the distribution, advertising has external system in the implementation, this shows generated content dependent things less and less, miniaturization and personalization trend is also so.

zhang peng: content production costs or to complete a from production to spread the cost of the closed loop, the closed-loop cost actually the overall shrinking, because he’s division of labor, this era into such institutions can you do a relatively uniform distribution channels?

yi-ming zhang: yes. It is this trend.

“in the future for real creative content is a liberation”

zhang peng: the business model of the entire media or media form in change. Some influential “media” not in the revenue the media business model as the core, influence to them is a kind of cost reduction and competitiveness improvement, such as: have you ever take “happy twist” content will give yourself a huge traffic and tickets sold.

this is actually brought media form question, any organization to produce good content, also can spread very far on your platform, but they are going to rely on the media before, now seems to be deprived of the media in the middle of the value. Headlines today “give every institutions and individuals to distribute content of channel capacity”. This for media people, this is more exciting future or more pessimistic future?

yi-ming zhang: I think this is more excited for the future. Because he is more valuable to more users, there will be more valuable information is spread. And good content, useful information will be more directly to the user.

in fact, the media organization needs to change, once issued ability is the important media organization ability, ability to issue has been more and more has now been replaced, I think this is not to change, is replaced by technology. So I think after the media organization to be more focused on creating content, create the institution itself produces content. On the new media requires more creative, I think back to the original content creators standard.

good content is the core of value, rather than a media organization itself is the core value.

zhang peng: you mean if the media content creation ability is equal to the social average creativity you don’t have any value, media content creation ability is equivalent to a “technology”. In the future of media is a kind of liberation, because you do not rely on other ability, you put it perfectly with respect to OK. So your point of view is to do well the media is free, the bad man to do is a nightmare!

yi-ming zhang: it’s so.

zhang peng: so the real creation content, they should be in the new era with a spring, they are free and fettered by many original system, is a lot of technology is the ability of some new application of this distribution.

yi-ming zhang: this is very, very clear. Now you see, there are some famous journalists can jump out by itself in a short period of time more than one institution, may the liquidation is not implemented, but has influence to the reader.

this era of “media” part of the reduced capacity requirement, before I release ability good, I am also low article quality requirements, can reduce some. But now the content value is almost the only important factor. So I always have a point, the creation of content must be our best partner, we would encourage creative content better people, to build a sustainable ecological system.

there are changes in the definition of “media”

zhang peng: I think you want to see is an irreversible trend of media, have been saying don’t gravitate to this trend is very dangerous, and not you killed him in the future.

yi-ming zhang: trend is irreversible, and not just us in promoting the trend, you can put the WeChat public account, weibo is on. I think most of the next two years the user content needs will be met in the emerging online media, whether it is sports entertainment, science and technology, life, health, the trend is very obvious.

in this trend, I more bullish rise directly without dependence on traditional media network media. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull