You buy a car early experience: a marketing gimmick is greater than the actual show

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some time ago, in WeChat circle of friends, see friends launched the raise a car, before long, easy car announced that would like to buy a car online, and promises to users, only need to release their own online shopping intention, can obtain more dealers offer, through dealers bidding, end up with the car’s floor price. The C2B model, suddenly put consumers at the top of the “food chain”, in a car it mastered the absolute initiative, for many buyers like small make up, appeal or large drops. Small make up, then, decided to personally experience, however, the next experience, can only let small make up the “ha ha”.

floor price not low, chengji stunt
In a car’s front page, “reserve nature to the slogan of” reflects a car’s main selling point – floor price, but would like to buy a car provided by the “base”, can only see in user after pay the deposit.
For users to view the floor price, after pay the deposit amounts to an uncertain information, both hands the personal information and help easy car collecting the clues to a consumer, but also need to assume the risk of “low price may not be”, consumers become a party to being restricted. Changan CS75 owners from Beijing area kaka on the net post said, “wanted to change the audi, as a result, there is only one dealer can choose, as if is a statue of Mr Cheung, and would like to buy the car floor price, than I go to the phone 4 s shop asked a much higher price.”
It is easy to see that on the order process, we buy a car easy car still followed a “customer first” principle. Attract users to place the order to “reserve”, meet the requirements of dealers set guest, but the consumer is not a fool, so set to “guest”, it is difficult to really have to buy, can also bring businesses more complaints and complaints.
After the line of car segment, the situation how?
Pick up the car line, not escape the bargaining negotiation
You buy a car in the car section, said cooperation 4 s shops will be committed to provide users with no higher than credentials reserve price to buy a car. And remind car users, be sure to store with sales consultant for car price and related cost totally agree choose again after payment. This means that, from the online order finished, users need to offline 4 s shops to “bargain”. As for the final clinch a deal the price low to what extent, still have to rely on users and dealers to bargaining.
For car user, choose the car power electric business platform is the worry, reliable and cheap. When you buy products online, also saw the user pain points, hit “user experience and the base price” strategy. Car would its client the advantage of induction time, users need not rush about inquiry bargaining at the 4 s shop, only need to log in to buy a car, can obtain more than 4 s shop floor price.
But small make up experience all the way down, pick up the car orders whether online or offline, grasp the initiative or offline dealers. As the car reviews people Fu Xuefeng say, would you care to buy a car way of “prisoner’s dilemma” is a false proposition, we buy a car can’t simple with a intention client information, let the businessman quoted price.
Easy car company affiliated to a car now, dealers to provide software services and marketing services of Shared easily, always adheres to the business interests first. Easy to Shared the chairman and CEO Li Binceng said publicly that easy car need to think about is, through the service, how to help the customer marketing more effective. From this point, also can understand the feelings of the hui car design logic – consumers are never easy car first consideration, its main floor price strategy, but that’s just a marketing gimmick.