YouTube also played the raise, let fans revenue for the author

(word/qing nan)

the global overlord YouTube video website recently unveiled a new product function, is one of the fans and all the services, raise allows channel owner use fans to donate to increase revenue.

this is similar to “exceptional” in the domestic network literature market, through continuous survival quality content to attract fans constantly, forming a virtuous cycle.

it is understood that YouTube fans all the function will start the test in the near future, raise the first major first against the United States, Mexico, Japan, and Australia and other regions of limited channel, YouTube users in these countries can apply for to participate in this test.

YouTube executive Matthew gloucester this batch (Matthew Glotzbach) and Oliver heckman byrne (Oliver Heckmann) has said: “the fans will be able to donate money at any time, in order to support their favorite channel.”

YouTube’s move also make it a Patreon direct competitors, become the raise service including Kickstarter and Indiegogo indirect competitors. Patreon is a start-up companies in the United States, recently raised $15 million, to help YouTube users and other artists from the hand of the fans.

it is not clear whether the YouTube can get commission from the fans all the raise, if have, also can be regarded as a except pay advertising, video revenue channels.

this may also can be draw lessons from the video website at home. At present, the domestic such as youku, iQIYI sites have taken AD + members value-added profit model, in view of the channel in terms of the author, incentive measures mostly divided into advertising revenue, the form is single.