YouTube pushed the “overlord terms”, not obedient, don’t in my site

YouTube officially declared recently, if the platform independent musicians or institution, not to join YouTube’s upcoming paid streaming music service, so they will not be able to use YouTube again big user resources, make your own content to distribute promotion. The news, immediately attracted numerous independent musicians.

after media reported that the streaming Music service also for “YouTube Music Pass”. Users need to pay a subscription fee to download music to listen to, watch the MV, songs and so on.

YouTube content and business operations director Robert Kyncl in an interview with the financial times, confirmed the news. He said: “we have to make sure all the music on YouTube producers, to cooperate with us, join the latest streaming music service plan, and comply with the relevant provisions.”

it is understood that YouTube is now 90% of music copyright owners and publishers and signed a cooperation agreement. However, independent musicians (institution) will contribute to music consumption market every year 32.6% of the revenue, so YouTube the move is likely to be because of independent musicians, and good services and Beats the competitors.

there are music to make the direction of the European Union to protest. A music producer on YouTube angry said: “we need to free space for development, YouTube is the overlord terms is in playing with fire.”

to be fair, YouTube, so-called “overlord terms” also does a lot of benefits. The subscription and producers can make flat Taiwan side gain more benefits; Standardization of the unified management provisions for YouTube benign operation, in order to provide users with the most high-quality audiovisual feast.