Zhang valued opportunity: sohu video “World Cup special report”

a month ago, zhang had said at the time of tells sohu World Cup strategy will offer a combination of “portal + video”. Portal is foundation, is also a traditional style, the people is easy to understand. In his view, compared with the previous World Cup, this opportunity is clearly video.

with the rapid popularization of intelligent terminal, PC or mobile terminal users dependence on video and receive degrees has reached the highest in history. In the domestic video of the top three of the sohu video, would not miss the World Cup “corner overtaking opportunities.

compared to other video websites, sohu has portal content advantages, to a greater extent rich video content. Video, in turn, was to enrich the content of the portal. Before this, sohu video has made cooperation CNTV, won the 2014 Brazil World Cup video on demand and video related rights and interests of all events. Not only that, the characteristic of the content has become the sohu video one of the important strategy.

today, sohu for the World Cup special homemade video shows the special report on the World Cup for the premiere ceremony, famous beauty host Shen Xing, Leo, shang, lei-lei gao, and many other style star to join the program, from June 13th to July 14, sohu video “World Cup special report” will begin at eight in the morning every day, to realize the seamless live two hours.

sohu relevant controller introduces, the special report on the World Cup will be made by the five plates, seven kinds of content presentation styles. Since June 13 begins at 8 o ‘clock in the morning, “hello, World Cup”, “secret and great”/” crazy people first broadcast (cross), “the breakfast from the stars”, “star dialogue”/” when he was in a hurry “broadcast (cross),” event notice “and so on five big plate video programs will, in turn, with net friend meet, will be fully cover the World Cup information broadcast, reality star, fans crazy reality, ` star + name mouth cross-border dialogue, nostalgic music MV feature films and World Cup star interview.

this content will be all-round promotion channels in sohu’s products. Before that, Charles had announced that the World Cup, sohu will be fully open sohu portal and sohu video channels, technology, sales data, and resources, such as through the PC sohu net, sohu video and mobile the sohu news client, sohu video client and mobile phone sohu net realize the terminal synchronization coverage, in the event video on demand, homemade video programs, strong graphic reports, as well as the media interaction fields together to attack, creating one of the most abundant platform media across the World Cup.

need to emphasize that the sohu news client is one of The Times the focal point of power. Sohu news client World Cup version also to synchronous online today. CCTV) – 5 formal in sohu news client, at the same time, the xinhua news agency’s World Cup in front of all journalists also overall in sohu news from media, client to sohu news firsthand information users with professional, fast.

among them, during the World Cup, sohu news client will live “I love the World Cup”, “the extravaganza”, such as CCTV, at the same time also will invite CCTV host and program director at sohu news studio and real-time interaction with friends.

with the xinhua news agency cooperation, in addition to our reporter first-hand the contents of the report, the content of the xinhua news agency will also be fully present in sohu group, all channels, including the PC sohu net, sohu video and mobile phone sohu net, sohu video client, etc.