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I Guess You Just Roll the Dice Some Times

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Everything You Need to Know Before Investing in Bitcoin

These days, everyone is always on the hunt for the next investment opportunity. From Ethereum to Stellar and the uber popular Bitcoin, there are a number of ways to turn a modest amount of money into serious cash. This may seem so appealing that you are waiting to dive in, but make sure that you digest all of the following information before heading out and searching for a Bitcoin trader.

Cryptocurrency is a world where there are no guarantees, meaning you can never know what is going to happen from one moment to the next. It is a good idea to be conservative and familiarize yourself with your Bitcoin trader before funneling a great deal of money into it. In addition, you should never trade with money that you cannot afford to lose. As long as you keep both of those points in mind, you are off to a great start.

The value of Bitcoin can change at any given moment and you have to watch the market carefully in order to do well.

Cheap Futon Cover Guide

If you are looking for cheap futon covers, chances are you have company coming to visit and you just haven’t had time yet to buy extra covers for your futon. Even though you are looking for an inexpensive set, there are a few important factors to take into consideration.

Thread count – This is the number of threads used to make the futon cover. Low thread count covers will wear out a lot faster and may even lose their color faster in the wash. I suggest you not buy covers with less than 200 thread count. 400 count is even better and will last longer, but you have to determine for yourself whether or not you think it is worth it.

The next important factor to consider is the size of the covers. Some covers are sold the are made especially for the futon. This means that they will be more exact fits then regular sheet sets and that the fitted sheet will be less likely to come off the mattress. The size is also important. The most common size for a futon is a queen, but futons also come as a double, single and even other nonstandard sizes.

The third thing to consider when buying cheap futon covers is that you really don’t want the colors to bleed the first time you wash it. For this reason, a recommend you buy a named brand futon cover from a company that has been around for more than a few years.

The fourth thing to think about is that you need to look at how the color you select will match with the futon and with the rest of the room as well. Avoid color the clash. The most common colors for futon covers are white and black.

Don’t stress out too much about buying cheap futon covers, after all, it really isn’t that difficult of a thing to do. When buying online there are two things to remember. 1 – Prices drop around Christmas as internet retail competition is very fierce and another is to take into account shipping and handling charges. A lot of companies may offer free shipping and even though they seem more expensive, they will actually end up being a little bit cheaper.

Various Sizes And Dimensions Of Futon Covers

With all your searching, you’ve probably gone to some lengths to find the perfect futon cover.  Maybe you have a futon mattress you want a cover for.  A futon chair perhaps?  Sizes, shapes, and fabrics abound for slipcovers.  In this article, we’ll discuss several of the possibilities with you.

What Size Futon Are You Trying To Cover?

What particular size futon do you own or are looking to cover?  If it’s a bed you’re looking to protect or spruce up, you’ll find full futon covers and queen futon covers much more easily.  King-sized ones do exist but for some reason, they are harder to find.  It may have something to do with the fact that as people move up in bed size, they typically go for a more traditional mattress choice.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that….we’re just partial to the futon.  If you’ve got a twin, these are also popular because sometimes the manufacturers interchange full/twin language and/or combine them in description pages, etc.  So, remember this as you search.

Do Futon Covers Exist For Other Pieces of ‘Futo-nature’?

Here is a futon chair covered with a royal blue cover.
Here is a futon chair covered with a royal blue cover.

If it is another piece of furniture for a guest room or lounge area, you are also in luck.  Many people choose futon sofa covers for areas where they don’t want to commit to painting or changing the whole look of a room, so they’ll opt to change out their slipcovers instead.  It’s much less effort and depending on if you go for, say,  cotton twill futon covers vs. more expensive suede or leather fabrics, it can also be less expensive than painting a whole area.   Many people will not even notice that it is the same piece of furniture if you have several different futon couch covers.  The whole look of your room can change so easily, that their attention can be drawn to the other elements in the room that you wish to highlight.

You may or may not be aware that there are many different types of furniture made in the futon way.  You may just own a mattress and frame and be unaware that futon chairs, loungers, and other styles existed.  These versatile pieces of furniture are actually making a comeback in homes where space is at a premium and people the flexibility they provide.  Some people entertain guests and this gives them instant sleeping options.  Now, with the myriad of futon covers to choose from, they can entertain often and not feel like their guests are ever getting bored.  In fact, some people buy several styles that match their guests’ interest and can change them out quickly and easily to add that personal touch for their guests to feel welcomed and at ease.  Remember, there are so many options, don’t limit yourself to one.

How to Use and Care about Your Futon Mattress

How to Rotating Your Futon Mattress

There are many people who use futon mattresses as the main piece of furniture in their living room. It can substitute as both a sofa and a bed for a guest, which is why most people purchase them. They can serve as the premier furniture in small homes and apartments as they conserve both space and money, read the foamglobes cheap futon reviews about affordable futon mattresses on the market to choose the best futon for your room. However, if the futon mattress isn’t taken care of properly, it will sag when you sit on it and develop lumps. Rotating a full-size futon mattress might sound like a chore and it very well could be depending on the kind of mattress you use, but it only takes a couple of minutes generally and will preserve the shape of your mattress over its lifespan.

The longer you continue to sit in the same spots on your futon sofa or lay in the same area in your futon bed, the more likely you are to developing these lumps and sags. The cotton batting thins out in these areas and your sitting position will eventually compromise your posture. The mattress needs time to air out and fluff itself up again between sittings. Rotating and setting it on end to air out frequently (depending on the material used within the mattress) is a recommended way to combat this problem.Rotating Your Futon Mattress

To decide how often you need to rotate a mattress for futon beds look to the material from which it is made which will dictate the degrees of softness.

Futon Mattress: Degrees of Softness

In a lot of ways a futon mattress closely resembles a standard box spring and mattress in that it can vary in its degree of softness. You can choose a soft mattress made from 100% cotton or choose an innerspring futon mattress which has individually wrapped coil springs like a standard mattress, making it firmer and less likely to sag and lump. Check the guide below to decide what kind of mattress you will need for your sleeping or sitting comfort. One thing to note: innerspring futons are made for beds only, as the mattress cannot be folded like a typical tri-fold futon mattress.

Soft futons

Soft futonsThese are typically categorized as soft or ultra soft. Both of these are made of a surrounding layer of cotton with several layers of foam with a foam core. They act as great cushions for the body while at rest or while sleeping. They don’t provide a lot of support but they are extremely comfortable if support is not an issue with you.

Medium Softness Futons

Medium Softness FutonsThe medium can be on either side of soft or firm. These will have more cotton batting in them and often a foam core. The more flexible ones are the coil futon mattress with the innerspring. The coils are wrapped in foam, making them comfortable yet firm. These provide softness and support where the cotton foam futon mattress provides less support and more softness. They might have a layer of polyester to add to the firmness. Medium is a broader category than soft or firm because there are so many variants to make a mattress fall into a medium status. Polyester provides firmness, so the more polyester the firmer the mattress. The same goes for cotton, although polyester will hold its shape longer than cotton. Foam is strictly the softness factor and often is used in the core of every mattress except the 100% cotton futon mattress.

These medium-firm mattresses are usually recommended by doctors since they are firm enough to give you more back support, but still soft enough for your body to merge into. Doctors will often recommend the medium softness futon as it provides adequate support while letting you get a good night’s rest.

Firm Futon Mattresses

Firm Futon MattressThere are three sub-categories that fall under firm: firm, extra firm and ultra firm. Firm futon mattresses are 100% cotton. These are very pliable and easy to develop sags and become lumpy as the cotton can shift far easier within the cover than the other types. They are also a bit awkward to move around if you have a larger queen futon mattress. Surprisingly the other firm sub-categories include dense layers of foam. Foam, as mentioned, is used primarily for softness, however, when tightly condensed it can provide a very firm mattress. The ultra firm futon will be entirely made of dense foam. These are the futons that are made to lie on platform bed frames.

When To Rotate Your Futon Mattress

Now, depending on the kind of mattress you choose, rotating will become less an issue for you to wonder about. Cotton futons require the most attention as they are less likely to hold their shape over a long period of time. The fold easily but the sheer weight of the cotton can make it a difficult bed to manipulate. With a cotton futon, it is recommended that you rotate it at the very least, once a month. For medium weight futons, you can rotate them less often, about once every three months. With firmer futon beds they can be treated as a standard mattress and can be rotated every six months.

When you start to flip the mattress to be rotated, you always want to make sure you do so in a consistent manner, meaning flip it in the same direction every time. This will ensure proper weight distribution and evenness. Depending on the manner in which you use it, how far to rotate comes into question. A futon sofa will need to be flipped 180 degrees each time. It’s just a matter of turning it over and letting the filling push the opposite way. With regards to sleeping, you will not only flip the mattress 180 degrees but also rotate it 180 degrees. Doing this consistently will prolong the shape of your mattress and let it wear evenly.

Finally, regardless of the structure of your bed, try and air it out at least once a year by placing in direct sunlight. Having air circulate through the fibers will help open them up and release from each other if they have absorbed any kind of moisture over the course of the year. Cotton futon mattresses are very susceptible to moisture absorption, even if you use a futon cover.

One more thing to note is that the firmer your mattress, the longer it will last. Some have been known to last up to ten years before needing to be replaced. Keeping a regular rotating schedule will help your futon mattress last as long as it can and provide you with the comfort for which it was intended throughout its lifetime.

How to Clean a Futon Mattress?

You might be happy to know that taking care of a futon mattress with regards to cleaning it is probably the easiest part of owning one. It’s not at all expensive and can be done in only a few minutes. The only thing you need is a few household cleaning agents that aren’t abrasive and won’t bleach the fabric.

Here are some guidelines:

First: Even a twin futon mattress will fit in the washer, but you can apply certain cleaners to achieve the same effect. For one, you can use hydrogen peroxide to break up dirt and clean the outside of the futon. The hydrogen works to get into the dirt and loosen its hold no matter the futon mattress size. All it takes is a teaspoon and a cup of water. Use a clean sponge that is free of any dirt and gently sponge the mixture onto the whole area. Let air dry and you are done.How to Clean a Futon Mattress

For tougher stains, you can dab some of the mixtures on the affected area and add salt. Gently scrub it into the stain and it should unseat it enough to remove it after a few minutes. Once you have removed the salt gently proceed with the steps from above. Once completed you should prop your futon against the wall so that it can air dry thoroughly.

Second: For removing mold and mildew use white vinegar. Vinegar will neutralize the mold and help remove any stains caused by it. Add one cup of white vinegar to four cups of water. Gently dap it on the area of the futon mattress with the mold and let it set until dry. This usually takes about an hour and should effectively kill all the mold spores and mildew within the batting. Once the hour is up applied method one to clean up the vinegar. Placing the futon mattress full in the sun will help cure the process as placing back onto your futon mattress frame while it is damp will only let any living mold spores reproduce.

Third: If odors are the problem, take baking soda and sprinkle it on both sides. Do not use with water. Let it sit for an hour then wipe off. Baking soda will neutralize any odors and leave your futon smelling fresh. It may also help to alleviate any leftover vinegar smell from method two.

Once you are done you can take a vacuum and pick up any remaining baking soda. You may place the futon mattress in the sun to let the air penetrate the fibers and release any remaining odors.

Along with cleaning your futon mattress comes caring for your mattress and following the next few tips will help all futon mattresses last a long long time.

Caring For Your Futon Mattress

Caring For Your Futon Mattress
Mattress Cleaning

You can make even a cheap futon mattress last ten years by using certain techniques to take care of it. To help prevent it from taking on odors, getting lumpy or thinning, follow the technique below to maintain and care for your futon and mattress set to make it last for years beyond its projected lifespan.

The one thing to do is to buy futon mattress covers, buy them in whatever colors you want, but make sure you have a couple to work with. Having a couple of extra covers will allow you to wash one while keeping your mattress covered. These canvas covers are water resistant to prevent stains from spills or sweating. It’s easy to wash and manage as it unzips three-quarters of the way around the futon bed. You can easily fit the cover into the washing machine. A cover will also prevent odors from getting into the mattress. You should clean it once a month to every three months depending on the type of mattress you have. Washing it once a month will allow you to keep a rotating schedule for your futon mattress as well.